Season 2: Episode 4 with George Streeter

This week we talked with former Notre Dame safety George Streeter and ran through the week of news in the world of Notre Dame sports. On top of our interview with George, we also talked about the loss of Darrin Walls, the commitment of Chris Watt, and Notre Dame’s new athletic director, Jack Swarbrick.

Here are a few of the topics we covered in our interview with George Streeter:

  • What he has been up to since graduating from Notre Dame.
  • How he would have advised the Raiders in relation to the JaMarcus Russell/Brady Quinn draft debate from last year had he been with the team prior to the draft.
  • How we was recruited by Notre Dame and how he almost never even made the trip to South Bend.
  • His relationship with Corwin Brown and how he let his former high school teammate go to Michigan.
  • The 1988 Miami game and pre-game brawl.
  • The 1989 Fiesta Bowl and the Notre Dame defenses pre game goal for a special half time meal.

Next week we will have former Notre Dame linebacker Wes Pritchett and will be broadcasting on our normal night of Wednesday at 9 PM ET.

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