Season 2: Episode 5 with Wes Pritchett

Tonight’s show featured former Notre Dame linebacker Wes Pritchett.  Pritchett, one of the Three Amigos, talked to us about a bunch of different topics from his time at Notre Dame as well as the current state of the Irish program. Afterwards we talked a little recruiting and about some freshmen who may be making an impact sooner rather than later this fall.

In talking with Wes tonight, it was easy to tell that he is still very much a die hard Notre Dame like the rest of us and lives and dies with the team each weekend which made speaking with him a real pleasure.  Here are a few of the topics we discussed with him:

  • The 1988 National Championship Reunion show at the College HOF being put together by Rob of Irish Locker Room.
  • The Miami brawl and his role.
  • Some of the pranks the Three Amigos played on each other.
  • Wes taking Tim Prister’s cigar in practice and what coach Alvarez’s reaction was.
  • His thoughts as an Atlanta native on what Jon Tenuta can do for the Irish defense.
  • His expectations for the Irish in 2008.

UPDATE: On last night’s show we mentioned we would have Frank Stams on next week.  Unfortunately, we won’t be able to get Frank on next week, but we will have on former Notre Dame running back Reggie Brooks.

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