Season 2: Episode 6 with Reggie Brooks

Tonight we had the distinct pleasure of talking with former Notre Dame running back Reggie Brooks. As everyone remembers, Reggie turned in one of the greatest single seasons any Notre Dame running back has ever recoreded in 1992. We discussed some of the more memorable moments of that season, his NFL career, the current Notre Dame running backs, and his thoughts on the 2008 Irish.

Here’s a few of the specific topics we discussed with Reggie.

  • The 2 point conversion vs. Penn State
  • His amazing touchdown run against Michigan and if he gives current defensive coordinator Corwin Brown a hard time about it.
  • The Boston College game and the fake punt.
  • His one man show he put on against Southern Cal to close the season.
  • Reggie’s NFL career with the Redskins and a memorable game he had against the Eagles during his rookie season.
  • His thoughts on the current Notre Dame running backs and how they will compliment each other including one back he said reminds him of Jerome Bettis.

Reggie was a great guest tonight and had a lot of great stories to share with us. Next week we will have on another former Notre Dame running back – 1977 National Champion Vegas Ferguson.

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