Podcast: Diving Full Steam Into Notre Dame Football Fall Camp & Ridiculous WR Recruiting Run

Brian Kelly kicked off fall camp for 2021 on Saturday afternoon with his first presser since the spring so we dove deep into all the high points in addition to touching on some stellar wide receiver recruiting.

  • Jarrett Patterson’s move back to center and what it means for the offensive line
  • The drama that didn’t need to unfold online regarding Jordan Botelho after Kelly shot down rumors of him being ineligible or unavailable this fall.
  • A transformative off-season for Notre Dame’s senior wide receivers and what the next step is for the group.
  • Notre Dame’s COVID-19 readiness for this year as the team reached 95% vaccination rates according to Kelly.
  • A quick preview of who might be – or should be – captains when they are announced on Monday.
  • Sneaky Del and some pretty damn good wide receiver recruiting following the commitment of Tobias Merriweather last week and the hopeful addition of C.J. Williams later today should he select Notre Dame like most feel he will.

All of that as I finished recording the pod after midnight while enjoying a delicious 12% IPA called “Mega Yacht Juice” which may or may not have contributed to some technical difficulties.

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