Podcast: Notre Dame Says Good-Bye To Kyren Williams And Kyle Hamilton

Greg is joined by his friend and USC fan Michael Muto to discuss the latest news regarding Notre Dame and USC, a little recruiting, and players opting out.

Topics include:

  • Greg’s new gig with ISD
  • Kyren Williams and Kyle Hamilton turning pro
  • Drake London turning pro
  • Players opting out
  • Upcoming early signing day
  • USC’s roster management

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  1. I listened to you guys talk about these young men not playing in a bowl game as Jr’s losing millions of dollars if they get hurt, I don’t agree. Stay in school and get your degree, that’s the reason you’re in college for free!!! It’s about graduating student athletes and that used to be Notre Game’s biggest goal. Chase Claypool stayed, played in the bowl. He had all my respect! These men are done playing at 35-40 if they’re lucky. Life doesn’t end then, you need a degree long before that. They could get hurt in their 2nd year, 3rd year, then what. You have to pay for college if you didn’t finish!!!

  2. IMO, this year has been the “big goodbye” to the last reamining threads of college football itself.

    Head coaches being bought up like Dutch tulips.
    Players “entering the transfer portal” as if they were dropping a Statistics course.
    NIL deals….that have already morphed into shady, or even outright crooked.

    Pro football. The school name on the jerseys is now just the major sponsor.

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