Podcast: What Was That? Breaking Down Notre Dame’s Near Collapse Against Navy and Looking Ahead

Notre Dame jumped out to a 35-13 half-time lead only to nearly squander it to a weak Navy team before holding on to a 35-32 victory in Baltimore. It was a tale of two halves for the Irish that was a microcosm of the season. Frank and Greg talk through:

  • What happened to the Irish offense in the second half
  • Why Notre Dame missed JD Bertrand more than Brandon Joseph
  • Build Brian Mason a statue already
  • The terrible state of officiating in every level of football
  • The development of Jayden Thomas
  • Why Notre Dame fans need not expect perfection from the offense given its obvious faults
  • Braden Lenzy’s insane catch 
  • Lots of Q&A

Note: We talked a lot about the QB position moving forward at Notre Dame, but recorded before all the news of the Kenny Minchey decommitment from Pitt and visit to Notre Dame this weekend.

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  1. Brian Mason is going to have offers that ND could not possibly even try to match.
    Not only the 7 blocked punts…but not a SINGLE penalty called yet by going after it !?! That is even MORE insane.
    Unless his wife is an heiress, I gotta think he’s gone,

  2. Lenzy’s catch was not only marvelously athletic, it ended up being a game-saver.
    Because in any normal world, it would have been an easy red zone INT.
    Take 7 off the board…Pyne is even LESS self-confident…Navy gets more pumped up, with less of a halftime deficit.

  3. Listening to the pod now.. this is going way back but this game reminded me of the Tennessee game 1991. Irish dominate the first half and then just an epic collapse in the second.

    Love listening to you guys, keep up the great work.

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