S2E38: Sobering Reflections in the Aftermath of the USC Hangover for Notre Dame Football

Notre Dame’s late-season surge came to a halt on Saturday night in LA, with the Irish unable to slow down Heisman front-runner Caleb Williams and USC. The Irish had their chances in the game, but critical mistakes doomed their chances. In the aftermath, we reflected on the realities of the Irish roster and where it stands today.

  •  The lack of production at the linebacker position against USC and most of the season
  • Notre Dame’s abundance of good players, lack of game wreckers
  • Drew Pyne’s near-perfect performance ruined by two brutal mistakes
  • How big the loss of Cam Hart and Tariq Bracy was
  • The continued rise of Deion Colzie
  • Assessing the assistant coaches on the season
  • Lots of portal speculation 
  • Coffee preferences and turkey leftover ideas
  • Lots of Q&A from Twitter

Note: this was recorded before news broke of Cam Hart’s return to Notre Dame for the 2023 season.

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Only Built 4 Brewin Drinx / Twin Elephant & 4 City ColabE16Stout10.2% (4.25)
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Weird and Gilly / SinglecutIPA6.6% (4.25)
Double Dry Hopped Space Diamonds / Other HalfDIPA8.5 (4.25)

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  1. Oh, and Buchner seems like a great kid too.

    But I have not seen great QB play out of him. ND’s receivers can perform with a better QB

    One thing I’d like to see is better QB to receiver communication when a play breaks down a bit.

  2. No one has to be an ass and rip on Pyne. He decent. Great kid with talent for a mid level program. Has heart and competes. When he’s on, he manages the game well.


    He’s 5’11”. Can’t easily see over the line.
    His downfield vision is often not there.
    His progressions can be slow. He sometimes locks on receivers.
    He can be inaccurate and never seems to have a hot hand.
    He’s not a scrambler.
    He’s often tried to throw across his body on the run.


    Great kid. Not the QB they need.

  3. Lost in the loss was kudos to Xavier Watts who led the team in tackles with 9. When you’re safety leads in tackles it’s usually not a good sign.
    I’m sure some will point to the two INTs he missed on. Of course.

    Don’t know if J. D. or Kiser or Marist are returning but I’m hoping Junior T, Sneed and Prince see many more snaps or the parade of exiting players that is cfb will impact ND. Don’t want to lose them and watch them play somewhere else ( remembering a couple of WRs gone before they played during the Bayou Brian days). Botelho and Burnham joining the rotation more frequently at DE diminishes the losses of the Ademilolas and Foskey. ND still has a bowl game left but I’m already looking ahead.

  4. “Overrated: LSU at 14
    “….There is no way that the Tigers should be ranked No. 14 after that debacle in College Station, Texas, last weekend.
    They got smoked 38-23 by an Aggies team that hadn’t scored more than 31 points against any opponent this year, was decimated by injuries, and hadn’t appeared to be motivated down the stretch during their 6-game losing streak. If Texas A&M can torch LSU’s defense, what would No. 15 Oregon State, No. 16 Oregon or No. 17 UCLA do? It would get very, very ugly….”
    Brian Kelly will no doubt have a real soft spot for CBS Sports reporters at future pressers.

  5. The score is more flattering than the competitiveness of the game.

    All this post-game praise of Pyne’s “solid game” is no doubt making USC players and staff laugh.
    They’re the ones walking away with the Heisman…not ND.

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