Irish Make Initial Cut for Jelani Jenkins

Linebacker recruit Jelani Jenkins narrowed his list of schools down earlier this week and the good news is the Irish were among those to make the cut.  The bad news is that Jenkins also has 14 other schools on his list at this point so things are a long way from being over with him.

“In no order, my final 15 schools are as follows…Southern Cal, Illinois, Michigan, Virginia Tech, Oregon, Miami, LSU, Maryland, Notre Dame, Penn State, Stanford, Boston College, Florida, Clemson and Tennessee,” said the 6-foot-1, 212-pounder. “It was very hard to get it down this far from more than 40 schools, but my family and I sat down and we looked at a few different categories to get it narrowed down.”

One of the categories that Jenkins and his father used to trim the list was depth charts.  The report mentions that depth charts will be an important part of the equation for him because he wants to play early.  Well, Notre Dame will be graduating Maurice Crum this year and right now, the only linebacker who has been close to impressive among the Irish linebackers this year has been Brian Smith.  Both Jenkins and fellow LB recruit Manti Te’o have the ability to crack the two deep next year and potentially the starting lineup.

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  1. Way too much publicity for any of these highschool kids. They’ve done nothing significant. I’d hate for my 15 minutes of fame to be one of these presee conferences or statements. The kids should be learning their Calculus, Organic chemistry, or Civics, not engaging with the press. Oh, well, once the great depression hits, no one will have money for all these sports writers running around chasing highschool nobody’s. ESPN might even have to cut staff.

  2. Hey I hope we get the kid but who the hell publicly narrow’s their list done to 15? Call me when we’re in his top 3.

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