Aaron Lynch Reportedly Decommitted from FSU

Earlier Saturday Aaron Lynch told some reporters that he planned on making a decision Saturday.  Well, the star defensive end recruit did make a decision, but he still hasn’t selected the school he plans on attending.

Aaron Lynch has reportedly decommitted from Florida State. (Photo - John Albright / Icon SMI)

Lynch reportedly texted Blue and Gold Illustrated that he officially decommitted from Florida State.

After meeting with coaches from the Seminoles staff and Notre Dame coaches, notably strong recruiter Tony Alford, also making the trip to San Antonio, Texas, the highly touted Island Coast High player first informed BlueandGold.com of his decision.

“I decommitted,” the 6-6, 245-pound player said via text.

Blue and Gold also reported that a visit to Notre Dame is now again likely.

You guys get all of that?  This has been a whirlwind of a story this weekend.  Friday morning Notre Dame fans had no idea that Lynch might still be in play for the Irish this year.  Since then Lynch had planned on visiting next weekend, then he planned on meeting with the two coaching staffs and deciding where he would go tonight, and now he has officially decommitted from Florida State.

Right now, it’s anyone’s guess where this goes from here.  There isn’t a scenario that would surprise me.

The fact that Lynch publicly decommitted from Florida State this close to the start of their semester, however, has to be considered good news for Notre Dame here.

Stay tuned, this one is far from over.

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  1. Irish I Agree.. The Value of ND is the Great school with a great football team…. Not many schools can offer that…

    RKG defined by Coach Kelly are Hardnose football junkies with talent being secondary… Teo happened to be a RKG because he was a stud….

    Patriots recruit the RKG= Tough, Smart Players >>>> U still need a little bit of talent mixed in with Tough and Smart but Tough and Smart are typically overlooked by Size and Speed..

    Lynch looked like a good high school football player so I would like him to play for ND….

  2. Gotta stay on ishaq hard, not sold lynch is coming. Hope Lynch realized the life a player has beyond football. A degree from Notre Dame is the biggest prize if any of these kids would realize it. Look at the graduation rates. F$U isn’t terrible, at least compared to some, but isn’t close to ND. That would be the final selling point for me.

  3. He is obviously talented, but not a man of his word so far. Has been one of those recruiting stories you will still talk about 10 years from now( Lorenzo Booker) He seems like a great player, the kind the irish need to compete with big time programs. But he also seems pretty into himself. I really hope he doesn’t spurn the irish again, but i am ready for it.

    1. RKG stands for Right Kinda Guys. It’s what Coach Kelly said from day one at the podium at the Gug that he wants the RKG to turn Notre Dame around. Lynch is a RKG in my book.

      1. some have jokingly defined the acronym as “white kinda guys” due kelly’s 2010 class and his early 2011 class. that does not seem to be the case anymore.

        wow, a d-line rotation of lynch, tuitt, nix, ishaq, shembo, and stockton looks amazing! successful 3-4 defenses start with a dominating d-line.

    2. RKG is a terrible acronym that has been taken too far by some obsessed crazed fans with moralistic purposes. How often does Kelly even use it? Lynch is a football player that will only make our team better. Go Irish!

      1. Couldn’t agree more. A lot of ND fans equate “RKG” with some moralistic code they choose to impose on people. Typically, that moralistic code has little to do with “on the field” performance, and instead, GPA, SAT scores or philanthropic involvement. To that I say – it means little.

        Champsionships, wins over rivals, and bowl wins have ZERO to do with an SAT score, and more to do with 40 times, strength and understanding of the scheme. A “scheme” which does not take an ND degree to understand, but rather a scheme every college players in America understands.

        To me, an RKG is someone in the image of Manti Teo. By that I mean, a dominant force, a constant force, with tremendous upside.

        If that is how Kelly defines an RKG, so be it. But my fellow ND fans who believe in purging predominantly white Catholic high schools in suburban Midwest areas . . . well, that’s not where the wins come from. Rather, they come from urban areas, urban black areas throughout the country.

        That’s what made Holtz successful and what has fallen off with ND over the last 10 years or so. Instead, these urban kids have flocked to OU, Miami, OSU, etc. Getting back in that game will do nothing but add speed, size and checks to the win column.

      2. Like the name says I agree with both of you guys. It’s the most over used word on Notre Dame forums. I roll my eyes every time someone uses that(RKG)word.

  4. Lynch dominated the army game… He is the RKG….He is the type of player ND has been missing since abramri

    1. That whole defensive line dominated the game, not just Lynch. Tuitt and Williams played really good games too!

  5. I’m hoping that somebody was down there recruiting Ishaq just as hard. I think that kid has incredible upside and would be a better addition to the TEAM than Lynch. Not sure if Lynch is RKG. But if they could sign both and add them to Tuitt and Nix, the Irish will have a BCS defense in ’12!

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