Notre Dame QB Brandon Wimbush High School Highlights

When Notre Dame lost Blake Barnett to a decommitment, they were sent into scramble mode looking for a signal caller for the class of 2015 over the summer only to be turned down one at a time after being set at the position for so long with Barnett.  Things ended up working out alright for the Irish though when Brandon Wimbush flipped his commitment from Penn State to Notre Dame during the season giving Notre Dame an elite, top 100 overall prospect to line up behind center.

Here is some senior film of Wimbush that ought to get Notre Dame fans excited.

  • Kid has got an absolute cannon of an arm for a high school quarterback as evidenced by that first throw.
  • Shows really good running ability on designed runs but looks to hang in the pocket first similar to what we saw from Everett Golson out of high school.
  • Can make plays when things break down similar to that touchdown Golson had against Rice when he went to hand the ball off and Greg Bryant was on the other side of him.
  • Shows some good touch over the middle including placing the ball nicely over a linebacker around the 1:00 mark.
  • These are just highlights of course, but it’s impressive to see all of the balls placed perfectly into the receiver’s hands down the field.  With the speed Notre Dame has at receiver, that type of down-field accuracy will be a huge weapon.

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  1. I’m anxious to see a defensive line with seniors anchoring it. Even with the amazing upgrades kelly has made we really haven’t had seniors with a ton of playing time. Nix, Tuitt and company all saw the field very early in their careers with Day And jones giving them relief…who were also very young at the time.

    At any rate. Having three seniors (fingers crossed that Ishaq explodes) anchoring the d-line is exciting. Especially with the underclass an who gained a ton of experience and another year of longo under their belts.

    Perhaps the staff can focus on bringing g

  2. Kenny, if you carefully examine the current and 2015 depth charts at DL you will see a remarkable aggregation of size, length and talent. What is present now is a very deep, and, finally, well-spaced array of defensive linement. I count 19 (including Tillery) for the 2015 season. This is a place we’ve never been before.

    What this allows the staff to do is to rifleshot difference makers like Tuitt, Williams, Nix, Niklas and neo-Lynch, even if the expectation is that may not stay around for the full four.

    I stand firm that a front four of WilliamsorRochell, Jones, Day, TumbettiorOkwara will be one of the five best front fours in America.

    You may not count that elite. But I’ll take it!

  3. As good as Kelly has recruited the QB position this program will not get back to “elite” status until the defensive line talent is upgraded. The three most important positions of any program…

    1. Defensive Line
    2. Offensive Line
    3. Quarterback

    I think he has recruited about as well as can be expected in two of those three but he is missing the most important. We need the next Tuitt and the next Nix and more important depth behind that elite talent before we can expect to win a title.

  4. See :25 (that’s 25-seconds, men) into the vid. 55-yard strike for a TD. “That’s what I’m talkin’ about!” Time to get excited with anticipation.

  5. If for some reason….Kelly and ND part ways in the near future, I’d like to see Tommy Clements get a shot at the job.

  6. I said I was just having fun with the pete carroll. I guess we just have to keep the faith that kelly can get notredame to an elite level.

  7. Just a quick subject change. If Kelly has another subpar season and Notre Dame fires him or he leaves I know who I would want to be Notre Dames next coach. Its fantasy land because Notre Dame would never hire this guy and he would never come to Notre Dame in a million years. However, I would love for Pete Carroll to be Notre Dames next coach. Great defensive mind, great recruiter, west coast connections, great game day coach. Notre Dame imho would be a powerhouse with Pete Carroll and would be a national contender every year.

    1. That is a fantastic idea. Great coach, with a national title and super bowl. I can’t think of a better fit. We should make it happen. Now if you excuse me, I’m wanted back in the real world.

  8. This kid launched the ball 65 yards in the air like it was nothing. There are NFL QB who cant throw the ball sixty five yards. I think Wimbush is a better prospect than both Zaire and EG at this same point of there careers. I see why Penn State fans were really pissed once Wimbush flipped to Notre Dame. His upside is through the roof!

    I like this kid a ton, he isnt Blake Barnett but he is a very nice prospect who performed well all week at practice during his all star game. We are set at the QB position, now we need to fix our biggest issue which is the defensive line.

    1. i will defer to the pundits on overall talent. Barnetts 23 td to 11 int ratio and 60% completions do not compare favorably with wimbush. So the 5 star rating is based upon his theoretical upside. So, I will take wimbush for kelly’s offense.

      1. “For Kelly’s offense”

        What are you talking about?

        Barnett was Kelly’s first choice for a reason. Kelly and company shut down all communication with QB prospects once Barnett gave his verbal. This kid has number one overall draft potential. Its a reason why both Oregon and Alabama rolled out the red carpet for Barnett trying to flip him. He is the best HS quarterback in the country and is the better player. I like Wimbush as well but he is no Blake Barnett.

      2. At that point, Barnett showed legit interest in ND. Wimbush didn’t. Simple as that. In addition, it was questioned whether ND would take a QB if Barnett decommitted (which he did). They hit it off with Wimbush and he committed.

      3. You know you’re always going to hear the “well I prefer the player we ended up with anyway” lines whenever someone decommits

  9. Kid DOES “have an absolute cannon.” But his wind-up (motion back before throwing) is way, way too long. That’s one thing George Whitfield worked on with Everett. And while to me it’s still questionable whether you want to refine a kid’s delivery (has done to Everett) or let the kid throw however works best for the kid, (let the damn kid play) that is something that might merit concern with Brandon Wimbush.

    1. i agree changes has made THE QB that once was the one to HAVE into a question mark…dad always told me to do what i do….?

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