Notre Dame vs. Miami – Full Highlights

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  1. Good to see even when they were down in points that they fought back and didn’t give up. It’s great to see Auguste is not lost for the season. I think this team has the potential for a sweet 16 run, but I’ve also followed ND enough to know they somehow never realize their full potential in the tournament. I remember several years ago everyone thought they had a sweet 16, even an elite 8 possibility, and they were out by the 2nd round. So it’s exciting to see them play so well, but it has to carry over at tournament time for it to really mean anything.

  2. This team is something special to watch. And of all things its a young team just getting better and better with each game played. If this team plays together, stays healthy, and out of trouble it could be one special team to watch in the tournament. I’m especially grateful in Coach Brey getting these recruits now and using them to their finest in games. Hopefully this team is the team to watch and make it to the final 4! Let’s sit back and watch this team come full circle with the talent it has and shows all who they are one game at a time.

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