Josh Adams & Dexter Williams – An A&W RB Combo for Notre Dame?

(Photo: Matt Cashore / USA Today Sports)
(Photo: Matt Cashore / USA Today Sports)

The Notre Dame football program has seen their fair share of great running backs during their long and storied history, and they are hoping to add to that with the class of 2015. Choosing to not make the backfield position an area of focus in 2014, Kelly and his staff knew that an impact had to made this year. While it hasn’t been easy, it finally looks like they are about to do just that.

By now most Irish fans are familiar with current Notre Dame commit, Josh Adams, and becoming so with current Irish target, Dexter Williams. Williams, who had previously committed to Miami, opened back up his recruitment, and the Irish jumped on him immediately. Not only did the Irish take great interest, they managed to make a huge impact on him, during his most recent visit to South Bend.

Before his trek to Notre Dame, Williams was rumored to have strong interest in Louisville, and was at the very least intrigued by Texas A&M, and Florida. Now, as signing draws close, it would seem that it is a two horse race between the Cardinals and the Irish, with the Irish holding a strong lead heading towards the finish line. At this point nothing is a guarantee, but sources very close to him have Notre Dame as the favorite. The fact the Louisville already has three running backs committed, with a possibility of a fourth on the way, obviously isn’t hurting Notre Dames chances here either.

Even before there was mutual interest between the Irish program, and Williams, Brian Kelly and his staff had already secured the commitment of running back prospect, in Josh Adams. The young man out of Pennsylvania, who had offers from Stanford, Pitt, and Penn State, amongst others, but ultimately decided on Notre Dame. The issue with Adams is his lack of size, and top-end speed, but overall, the four-star back will serve his purpose either in the slot position, or lining up in the backfield.

This is where Williams enters the picture, and why his commitment has such a huge impact on the class of 2015. Descriptions such as “home run ability” and “top Level acceleration” are tossed out frequently when referring to the four-star back out of Florida, and that is exactly what the Irish need in their offense.

Not only does Williams bring speed and size, he brings burst and power, which when all are combined, makes for a very sought after offensive recruit.  Those talents haven’t gone unnoticed. With offers on the table from Miami, Louisville, USC, Wisconsin, Ohio St., Michigan, South Carolina, Florida, and many more, Williams has a wide array of different options lying in front of him, but thankfully for Irish fans, it sounds like Notre Dame is in very good shape here.

In Williams and Adams, the Irish would have two backs who bring something totally different to the table. Williams is considered an all-around back while Adams brings a wide array of talents making him capable of helping the Irish offense in multiple ways whether it be in the slot or in the backfield.  Whatever the case may be, the combination of these two for the class of 2015 would be a much welcomed addition, if not a bit of a surprising one.

It’s obvious the Irish coaching staff wanted to make a splash in the running back department this year, and if they are able to land both Williams and Adams they would do just that. With at least one more year of service from the current backfield of Folston and Bryant, the running game is considered an area of strength right now, but it needed a shot of depth with this year’s call.  If they are able to add both Adams and Williams (if Williams does indeed select Notre Dame) the Irish have the chance to be substantially productive in the running game for the foreseeable future. The combination of the two may not be at the level that some Irish fans were hoping for this year, but the Notre Dame program could have done a lot worse than the duo of Adams and Williams – again, assuming Williams selects Notre Dame next week.

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  1. Whoever wrote this article is clueless. Quote,”The issue with Adams is his lack of size, and top-end speed, but overall, the four-star back will serve his purpose either in the slot position, or lining up in the backfield”


  2. There are so many looks to a slot… A TE slot, RB slot, WR slot…and the meat curtain slot. I’d guess that Adams is in the 240 lb TE slot category. Decent speed, great hands and feet, blocks with toughness, and can motion into the backfeild for a confusing flexible meat wrinkle.

  3. He is 6’2″ and 210 lbs. Now, he doesn’t look real muscular but that is his listed size on multiple services. One indicated “lacking top end speed, but has exceptional feet.” ESPN site mentioned possible slot candidate.

    1. fxm, that was my observation as well…he looked thin. At 6-2, 210 is not a large weight to carry unless he has huge legs. Also, factor in that most recruits shrink, slow down and lose weight as they matriculate into school. I’m not sure how that happens.

  4. Bob, I agree … I’m thoroughly confused now. I saw the same size info you did and was expecting Adams to bring the power and grit and Williams the big play explosiveness. Can someone who has the facts please clarify. I don’t see a 6’2 210 lb Adams in the slot.

    1. Bob & Dave, you are both correct with the fact that Josh Adams does have the bigger frame than that of Williams. Yes, Adams does have the size and can still take it to the house with his straight line speed. WiIliams on the other hand, has a smaller frame but possesses the home run threat ability and elusiveness to take it to the house on any given play. Somewhat comparable to the previous duo of Jonas Gray and Cierre Wood.

  5. I’ve seen multiple websites list Adams as 6’2 , 210lbs (give or take). I was under the impression that he is more of a downhill, power back. Is that incorrect info.?

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