Alabama Offers Notre Dame WR Commit Amorion Walker

Notre Dame’s lone wide receiver commitment, Amorion Walker, camped at Alabama this weekend with several teammates and while he was there, the Crimson Tide offered the Irish pledge. While an Alabama offer is indeed worrisome, right now it appears that Walker’s commitment to Notre Dame is still strong.

Alabama’s offer came after Walker ran a 4.4 40 during the camp. Reminder: Amorion Walker is also 6’3″.

When Notre Dame offered Walker, they were one of the first programs to offer the 3-star recruit who is looking more and more like he’s a much better prospect than his current rankings suggest.

Ironically, the same Notre Dame fans who complained when the Irish offered an under-recruited 3-star receiver, are now worried about the Alabama offer. Walker trained with Notre Dame wide receiver Lawrence Keys over the off-season though and still seems very locked in with Notre Dame.

The big news here for Notre Dame isn’t the Alabama offer though – at least not yet. The big news is that Notre Dame’s evaluation and early offer have been validated even more after seeing Alabama try to get in on Walker now as well.

At the moment, Walker is Notre Dame’s lowest-rated commitment by far at #825 overall in the 247Sports Composite rankings. That almost certainly will change though – especially if more schools try to get in on Walker. Notre Dame fans should expect more to do just that too. Walker now has offers from Notre Dame, Florida State, and Alabama.

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  1. Noter Dame is not any better than a degree from Alabama all depends on what type of degree you want Alabama has one of the best degrees in becoming a doctor and has one of the top hospitals right down the road at UAB that is were they perform surgeries on the top Athens in the world just about every major surgeries from injuries received on a football and basketball and baseball are performed by Dr James Andrew’s the number one sports surgeon in the United States !!

  2. I truly hope that this young man desides to keep his commitment with Notre Dame. I hope he realizes that a College choice, especially a choice to go to ND is a 40yr decision not a four year. I realize Alabama’s been the hot team for years now but if football doesn’t become a profession than a degree from the University of Notre Dame looks much more appealing on a resume than a degree from the University of Alabama, facts are facts, truth is truth, and that is a fact. I hope he remembers that the Irish believed in him and offered him a full scholarship when slot of big name Programs weren’t offering. You can’t go wrong with The University of Notre Dame, the Irish offer one of the best educations in the country and one of the best football programs in the country. Notre Dame puts players in the NFL and puts employees in high paying career positions. Stick with the Irish young man you will not regret it.

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