Notre Dame LB Commit Jaylen Sneed is Ridiculously Athletic

Notre Dame linebacker commit Jaylen Sneed is one of the highest rated commitments in the entire class of 2022 for the Irish. On Monday, he posted a video highlighting his freakish athleticism showing why Notre Dame fans should be very excited that he will be wearing blue and gold during his collegiate career.

Ironically, some on 247Sports declined to improve Sneed’s ratings because of a lack of testing numbers for the talented linebacker. Sneed’s coach chimed in on Twitter Monday afternoon in saying that perhaps 247 doesn’t need anymore proof.

Recruiting rankings are ultimately meaningless, but they are fun and we fans do obsesses over them. If we didn’t there wouldn’t be yet another major network site developing their own rankings system like On3. We already knew that Sneed was a freakish athlete from his film. Acts like this just further validate those evaluations.

Regardless of where Jaylen Sneed lands in the rankings, it seems pretty apparent that Notre Dame has a potentially very, very good linebacker on their hands in Sneed. And it’s even better that Sneed is part of a ridiculous haul of linebackers for the class of 2022 that includes four 4-star players.

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  1. I have not been to a high school football game in 30 years but will be going every Friday night this year to see Jaylen play for Hilton
    High school.

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