Practice Video 4/5 – Irish Getting After It

Charlie Weis was not just talking when he said practices were going to be more physical this year. Take a look at the video below from today’s practice and it is easy to see the difference from past years. The Irish are hitting HARD and tempers are flaring. There was a little scuffle that broke out and in the words of Bill Parcels from that Coors Light commercial – that’s a good thing, not a bad thing.

Note: To our friends from who are rather unimpressed with ND’s practice – you are seeing about 5 minutes of the whole practice and “#74” returning punts was RT Sam Young. It was a joke, but I guess not as funny as telling your team that one of your players was getting arrested – that would just be hilarious.


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  1. I am an ND alum that thinks this video is not cause for excitement but for concern. There is zero swagger in the offense. And I don’t care what anyone says, college football is about confidence. Not impressed.

  2. Woooooo! This team looks fired up! Look out, with everyone underestimating this team I cannot wait for the season to begin. I hope they stick to a solid run first pass second attitude. This will pay dividends. GO IRISH!!!!

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