An Inside Look at the New Strength Program

The Notre Dame video department produced a video last week showcasing the new strength and conditioning program under the guidance of Paul Longo.   The video showcases some of the workouts the players are completing this off-season and has a quick Q&A with Lonog.

It’s tough to gain too much out of these clips, but its still February and we have some time to kill before spring ball kicks off next month.

Here’s the video.


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  1. Rumor has it that Illinois coach Ron Zook now wants to play Northwestern at Wrigley Field. Army, after playing the Irish at NEW Yankee stadium, has schedule several other games at that site. ND it seems, is leading the way in these Neutral site games and the trend is catching on. I read today that Swarbrick is trying to set up a game in Chicago at Soliders Field. No word on a date or opponent.
    If you look at the Big 12 and the SEC, you have two conferences that recieve an advantage (Fair or unfair) by playing an additional conference championship game. The big 10 is looking to add another team so they can schedule a championship game as well. When you are from a smaller conference or are an Independent like ND who play a maximum of 12 games, you are at a disadvantage at the end of the year when BCS rankings are at a premium. Is it any coinsidence that our previous BCS champions are dominated by the likes of Alabama,florida,LSU,Texas & Oklahoma?
    If ND recieves a boost fom it’s neutral site scheduling than so be it. All’s fair in love, war, & NCAA Football.

  2. anyone else notice that when nd plays these neutral site games, they always say notre dame will “host” such and such team at this venue. it portrays notre dame negatively. trying to make it seem like nd is the only team that plays neutral site games which implies that nd is exploiting some kind of huge payoff or something. why not just say “notre dame to play maryland at fed ex field in 2011”???? yeah nd might be the “home” team, but washington, d.c. is in maryland and the terps will have a nice paycheck from this as well. army is located in new york and the same goes for them as far as the payday.

    1. Nepper,

      The ND name is still very formitable and marketable.
      I’d bet that when they play the Army at Yankee stadium, the place will be packed for what otherwise would be a game that wouldn’t garner much intrest.
      As a Independant they have much more flexability in scheduling. I think it’s good business to take advantage of such opertunities. There will always be those who find negativitity no matter what ND does. So Screw them.
      Promote yourself, make a name for your self, make some extra revenue, travel, recruit, have some fun.
      USC has their warm weather, girls, Hollywood, ect… and you better believe that they play it up with their recruits.
      Come to ND and you can play in the Alamo Dome, or Yankee stadium, or Fed Ex field, or the Palace in Dallas, as well as the house that Rockne built.
      Pretty cool stuff for fans and players alike.

    2. I don’t see it that way at all. Notre Dame IS hosting such and such team these venues. Without Notre Dame, does Wash St. play in the Alamodome in San Antonio…NO. Without ND, will Army play in the NEW Yankee Stadium…NO. Without ND, does Maryland play in FedEx Field…NO. Unlike Texas v. Oklahoma, who know they will always play in the Cotton Bowl (or now Jerry’s World); or other rivalries that play at a neutral site, Notre Dame is giving these teams/schools an opportunity that would not have had otherwise.

      I think we are very much HOSTING them at these sites. It’s not the Kickoff Classic or something where both teams are asked to play at a neutral site. WE, Notre Dame, are the one’s ASKING the other team to play US at a neutral site. Therefore we become the host of the game. If other people see it otherwise, who cares, they’re just jealous they don’t have the following and would not be able to sell out a stadium other than their home stadium. I think it’s great and I wish I still lived in NJ to go to the game in Yankee Stadium, but I’ll get a few games down here in TX as I did this year in S.A.

      GO IRISH!

      1. I don’t see it as a negative at all. I see ND getting the credit they deserve for putting together the game. ND is technically the home team too, which goes hand in hand with hosting the event. If anything I think it points out the fact that one of ND’s ‘home’ games isn’t at home. And that does factor into the polls. (assuming we factor into the polls)

      2. i see what you guys are saying. what i was pointing out was other neutral site games that are starting to take place. one example is cincy-va tech, i think. they are playing at the redskins stadium as well, but there were no headlines saying “cincinnati to “host” virginia tech at fed-ex field”. i know i am nit picking, but it is funny how much anti notre dame crap is out there and how they try to slip it in there any way they can.

  3. Is it me or does it seem that the forum on this site provides more content about what’s happening with the team than Granted when they post something its great, and I’m grateful that it’s free to particpate and read.

    But it would be nice to see a new post….even once a week.

    Ok, I’m gonna search all the comments for something to read….

    1. I agree. I haven’t posted anything in awhile on here because I’m looking for something new to comment on. I thought I would definitely see something about the combine, especially after Golden’s performance.

      I agree that once a week would be great. I love this site too and it brings a lot of fans closer and gives them an opportunity to voice their opinion. A weekly post could go a long way.

      1. Just look at the link on the homepage for the 2010 recruits. It still has Giovanni Bernard on there! Does anyone edit this site?! I mean I’m thankful for it, but…

    2. Sorry guys. Been really busy lately and the real world has been getting in the way of my blogging unfortunately. I just posted a new story on the homepage though.

      1. Frank,

        Speaking of the real world, the landscape of College football seems to be on the verge of major changes that could affect ND and it’s status as one of the few remaining major college independents. Not so long ago if you looked at the list of teams playing football as independents they included teams like Miami of Florida, Penn State, and Air Force just to name a few.
        Now, Army, Navy, & ND are all that remain.
        Forcing ND into a conference would be a travesty.
        We have seen ND play football in places like Ireland, Hawaii, California, Colorado, New York, Boston, and Florida. As a Independent we can play anyone, anywhere, any time. Yeah, a player can go to the University of Florida and have a good chance of playing for a National Championship. But look at their schedule, they never leave the south.
        They never experience football in the Midwest in October. Or the West Coast, or the Plains of Nebraska and Oklahoma. No mountians, no cold or snowy games. How limited, how boreing is that?
        The NCAA needs places like ND if for no other reason than the wide diversity it offers.
        ND is truely a special place.
        It is one of the few remaining links to the history of the game and its origins. It’s always held it’s self accountable and been a leader for their beliefs of what a quality education should be. Always the leader in setting the bar for standards, achevement, and exspectations.
        I read the results of a nation wide poll taken a couple years back. The question was: What college football team would you consider as “America’s Team”? The overwhelming reply was The University of Notre Dame.
        Independence, Freedom,… it’s what makes America great.
        It’s what makes ND great.
        To lose it, would be like loosing a national treasure.

  4. Good reading over at Blue&
    Excellent data and info in the “ND Red Zone Woes” story.
    Comparing Weis’s pro style offence verse Kelly’s spread approach in red zone situations.
    Actually, ND under Weis did fairly well in the Red Zone. It was the goal line situations that they struggled in. With Weis’s style inside the 10 yardline, he could no longer strech the defense verticlly with his passing game. His “heavy” formations all but predicted run. Opposing defenses were able to sellout agianst the run and win the majority of the time.
    Kelly’s spread at Cincy was much more effective because he was able strech the defense horizontially accross the line of scrimage similar to that of a option attack. He was able to dictate more “one on one” situations opposed to defenses that could gang tackle. Something I will be interested in seeing live this coming fall. Check it out.

    1. Do you need a membership to read it? I used to get the Blue and Gold paper but forgot to update my subscription.

      1. Membership.. yes, but they do give away a few freebies, like the red zone story.

      2. It’s still a bit frustrating that we had absalutley NO power game at all. At some point during the game the situation will come up when we are going to need to fight for a few inches.

        Hopefully this offensive line will be able to dig in and give the backs a fighting chance to get a 1st or touchdown.

        I haven’t watched much of Kellys offense to see what his short (power) yardage packages look like but I sure hope that they are more productive than CWs.

      3. In all my years growing up watching ND football, they always had excellent runnung backs and a running game.
        Seems that since Darious Walker left, that he took the running game with him.
        You would get the occassional good game from Hughs, Allen, and Riddick, but they were few and far between. There was no consistancy and little confedence in running the ball. It showed in short yardage and goal line situations.
        Now I really enjoyed the passing attact and the excitement that it generated. But ND football just didn’t seem right without a decent rushing attack. I’m hopefull that BK will get us back to playing ND football agian.

    2. Not to mention the fade to floyd over, and over, and over, and over, and over. Very predictable and got him hurt twice

  5. yea, i think golden shocked everyone with his 4.42 time. he had terrible form too, if he relaxed his muscles and let it happen he could have ran slightly faster. someone else mentioned it, but jimmy and golden definitely look like they have put on some weight since november, maybe they too lost 10-20 lbs during the course of the year and have since put it back on

  6. Also, from this video of the off season program, I think we are going to see a tremedous change on the field next season. Kelly is really making these guys work for it, and there is still a lot of talent on this team that I think if Crist is ready to go, we could win 10 games. These kids are going to be ready for the grind!!

    1. C,

      I agree I think people need to remember that CW could recruit. As far as atheletes on the edge I think we have them in Neal, Filer, Flemming and maybe B. Smith. I think the area we need depth is at D-end in the 3-4, but at LB we are stacked.

      1. As a Pittsburgher I must point out that 3-4 only works with a monster in the middle.

      2. fxm,

        I pointed this out in the past, too, being a Stillers fan. The proof is in the pudding. The Steelers just extended “Big Snack” Casey Hampton’s contract 3 years. He’s a true monster in the middle!

      3. They have several monsters in the middle that were suppose to be a space eater like a Hampton or a Wilfolk. I thought Newman, Williams and the others from that great class were suppose to be NT in a 3-4 defense. Last year the players seems more confused going to Tenuta’s 4-3. I also think we didn’t have the personell to run the 4-3 either. In the 4-3 you need a stud at Middle LB to make a ton of tackles. Plus you were requiring Ethan Johnson to play D-tackle which wasn’t smart.

  7. I agree, it’s time for a new article, only to steer the topic of conversation, I love that this site is available and I know Frankie is busy, I just would like to also see something aobut our NFL hopefulls.

  8. some “experts” still have GT as a 2nd rounder. i hope your right though.

    -how bout a combine thread Frankie?

  9. When Jimmy Clausen announced for the upcoming NFL draft I thought he was making a mistake.
    Not because he didn’t have the talent. As a Junior, I just felt he was a little under sized for the NFL at this point. I understand his draft stock will probably never be higher.
    Entering the darft, I thought he would ride the bench for two, maybe three years, as he matured physically.
    Then the other day I blown away by a small piece I saw on him working out.(working out with ropes and weights) There were other players from the West Coast in the segment as well. One was Taylor Mays, the saftey from USC. I was taken back when the two of them were shown next to each other standing shoulder to shoulder.
    I could hardly believe that I was looking at the same scrawny QB who started for us just a few years back as a Freshmen. Jimmy was every bit as big, or bigger than Mays. Just as strong or stronger too.
    My, my, how little Jimmy has grown. It looks like he has added 25lbs of muscle.
    I understand his buddy, Golden Tate, has been just as impressive. He has posted 40 yrd runs of 4.37 & 4.38. Best of luck to both of them.

    1. Both have increase their draft stock. ND will have two first rounders for the first time in a long time. That is a great trivis questions. When was the last time ND had two first rounders?

  10. I see where Michigan had to face up to the NCAA over rules infraction concerning practice time yesterday. Just last week it was USC’s turn.
    Interesting in comparison. Rich-Rod acknowledged that there were failings and miscommunications between him, his staff and the Michigan administration over practice time rules. I guess when you are the coach at WV there is very little scruninity. Come to Michigan and the light shines much brighter. A lot more eyes are watching.
    I find the Michigan violations trivial compared to USC. I mean, you are a football player going to school in the upper midwest. Not much to do during
    the hard cold days of Jan, Feb, & March. I could see how many of these players are gym rats and naturally migrate to the gym in their spare time.
    RichRod agreed saying that it “was on us”.
    In sunny Southern California, Pete Carroll poses with pro sports agents for pictures in his own locker room, and pleads stupidity.
    In the past I have seen what happened to Alabama, Miami, & Flordia St.
    Give Miami credit. They at least hired Butch Davis. A guy known for cleaning up dirty programs. Who does USC hire? Bagdad Bob? “Everthing is fine, no problem here”. What a joke. What a insult!
    If Michigan can get “slapped” for a few extra hours of practice time, then USC should get “Hammered” for the tens of thousands of dollars in illegal gifts bestowed upon their most popular players over two, maybe three years.

    1. I don’t know what the NCAA is going to do to USC, but god knows it’s not going to be as much as they did to SMU. I find that slightly tragic (Note: I am an SMU alum). USC has done at least as much wrong as SMU did. wait… no… nevermind, SMU’s best finish was ranked #2. Sneaky Pete and Co claimed 2 National Titles (1 split) while committing violations whenever/wherever possible.

      1. Bill,

        Is it me, or does it seem like USC’s AD Mike Garrett likes to provoke and challange
        the NCAA?
        It’s like “we aren’t afraid of you”, “and go ahead and try to catch us.”
        Or “we will hire whom ever we want as our head coach”
        C-Dog has pointed out in the past that USC is a money machine that the NCAA may be reluctant to come down too harshly on. They (USC) seem to be very confident that they will get off with just a slap on the wrist. Do they know something that the rest of us don’t?

      2. Funny you should say that. As some professors put it: SMU didn’t get the death penalty because we cheated. We got it because we bragged about it.

        I wish that would hold true for USC.

      3. I understand that the NCAA is going to come down hard on “Taunting” this upcoming season.
        Nobody seems to be “taunting” authority more than USC.

  11. Here is a post on a different site that I thought was relevant to this topic:

    The various conversations I’ve had, are all very similar, “Everyone is buying into what coach Longo is doing.” That really seems to be the theme.
    A comment that I heard was, in the past it was more about how much weight I could lift. Longo’s more interested in how long I can lift, and not as much concerned about the weight. It sounds like the workouts move fast and “have a purpose”. The sand pit hasn’t been introduced yet, but the players seem to know about it and actually souund like they’re looking forward to it. As we’ve mentioned before and I keep hearing, is that the training table is a huge hit. Someone made the comment that Weis had pushed hard for it ofr 5 years, so it wasn’t like it wasn’t a priority in the past. Kelly was just able to get it done, and it’s alread paying off.

    It seems this staff is concerned with strength and endurance, not just strength. I really believe this team is going to be able to wear teams down. Think about all the games over the last 2 years where ND had a lead late in the 2nd half only to lose. Kelly and Longo push these guys to perform even when they are uncomfortable. Kelly’s record is almost perfect when leading in the 2nd half. That has a lot to do with endurance.

    I’m also shocked to hear how much Kelly focuses on the details. I thought Weis paid attention to detail and had a purpose for everything, but rumor has it that Kelly has it over him in that regards as well.

    I really feel we are going to put a great product on the field next and I can’t wait until September.

      1. Screw September, I’m ready for March and some spring football. I’m also ready to see what kind of recruiting BK’s been doing thus far. Plus we have all summer and August to get a better idea of where this will take us, and how players are preparing.

        Then, only then will we get to September.

    1. Yeal, let’s tell that to the Oklahoma’a and Florida’s. I’m sure they’ll agree with that professional statement!!

  12. What does Brey and the basketball team have to do with this article?

    Longo reminds me of Mickey Marrioti. This fresh start might very well produce results as far as the strength factor goes.

  13. Talking basketball. Mike Brey is a good man but I think he has to go. His teams never matched up come march Madness if we got in at all. I just think we need new blood there. Someone that knows how to recruit etc. College basketball has changed in the last coup years and we need better players. They are out there

  14. The first thing that stood out to me that a lot of the players look FAT….much to heavy and not well defined bodies….a lot of beef but not in the right places.

  15. Longo looks like the real deal. It’s about time! Too many past seasons where the team ran out of gas come November. You want to play with the big boys you better be able to finish strong!

  16. Why is Longo missing so many teeth? Maybe it’s a good sign that players what to punch him in the face…

    BTW, everyone’s pudgy, just like their old coach.

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