Looks Like These Guys Like Their New Coach

I could be wrong, but it looks like the Irish players are liking their new coach.  Here’s some video from inside the Notre Dame locker room courtesy of Notre Dame All Access.


Hopefully this is just the first of many post game celebrations for Brian Kelly and Notre Dame.

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  2. Where are the other receivers? Goodman? Kamara? Toma? Walker? We need as many options as possible in the passing game beyond Floyd, TJ, Riddick, and the TEs.

    AGAIN — TAKE THE FREAKIN’ POINTS, BK. I’m surprised more people in the ND Nation and the media haven’t questioned the coach about not taking the easy 3 before the half. Had he done so, you’re looking at about a 44-yard FG attempt to win the game (very makable for Ruffer) instead of a “Hail Mary” at the end.

    Also, will someone, anyone, tell our QBs to throw the ball in the endzone in bounds to allow our athletic WRs to make a play!

    1. i was screaming at the television for the qb’s to throw the ball so someone can make a play!!! FU*#!!!!

      i hated going for it at the end of the half, but as someone else said, if bk thought dayne was out for the game it would have been the right call.

      if dayne stays in the whole game, we win 38-17. but alas, shit happens. this team could have folded but didn’t, i like the grit they showed.

      too many drops by the receivers. riddick had two drops against purdue, floyd dropped two against mich…drops are the result of a lack of concentration. we also need to get goodman more involved, hell, maybe he should be moved to back-up qb.

      when crist was in, he was a little sloppy. hit the checkdown!!!! there were at least 3 times, including the INT, where crist forced the ball. jimmy used to make the same mistake until last year. all told, crist is improving and maturing…does anyone know what the injury actually was?

      the d played good enough to win, even though denard embarrassed them. the offense put them in precarious positions time and time again. to only give up 7 points in the second half is an accomplishment. if you would have told me that michigan was going to punt it 10 times, i would have told u that would lead to a nd win…

      i was harsh on mayock, but he did a great job…hayden is still awful

      this is going to sound wrong, but this loss was a ‘good loss’ we learned a lot about our complete lack of depth at q. i don’t think this team, even with a win, deserves to be ranked. they need to bring their lunch pail and come to work, without any sense of entitlement. they are still young and not good enough to just show up and win games. losing early in the year can be a great motivator for the team and who knows, with a healthy crist we could run the table!

      1. I could not watch the game but listened on the radio, I still can’t reconcile getting gashed for 500 yards by a one man show. I thought Tenuta was the problem last year but could these guys on defense just be too damn slow?

  3. First, the entire 1st half without Crist took the wind out of the sales of the team. Way to get off the mat in the second half and regain the lead, however the defense needs to hold. You got to tip your hat to Robinson for his play, without him Michigan doesn’t score.
    Second, to many turnovers in the game to win. Need to stop throwing int’s and protect the football.
    Third and final the offense needs to stay on the field longer. They were again beat in time of possesion by over 10 minutes. Chasing that QB around for 35 minutes will result in a big play. I think if Crist plays the entire 1st qut it would have been a different story.
    I love the fight in this team and Crist coming back into the game. Fine tune some things on Defense and get Slaughter back on the field. I saw a couple of blown coverages by Zeke on touchdowns getting sucked into the back field.

  4. ND outscored Mich 24-7 with Crist in the game and Mich outscored ND 21-0 when he was out. This would have been a different outcome if Crist plays whole game. I think ND would have scored more points taking Mich out of their game and Robinson wouldn’t have looked like someone from a video game. He wouldn’t have had as many touches, but when the ND offense was 3 and out most of the 1st half, it just gave Robinson too many opportunities.

    I like Kelly for taking responsiblity for the play of the back-ups. He said he didn’t do a good job of preparing them and he should have some packages just for them.

    ND started 1-1 last year and got to 6-2 before the wheels fell off. I don’t see it happening with this team. They are disciplined, they are showing passion, and they will improve. The way the offense started the game was impressive and shows that Kelly can get this team ready to play.

    I believe this team will win 9-10 games this year providing Crist doesn’t get hurt. I also believe this team will not be as bad if he does. Kelly will develop some packages that Montana can run.

  5. At least the fight is back in Irish. The D played tough all game and they were hitting people HARD!Denard Robinson may be the fastest player in college football and I think the best player in college football(to bad he’s a sophmore).I don’t know about 11-1 but the defense plays with a toughness that hasn’t been at ND for a long time.Last year Robinson would have had an even bigger day and the d would have given up. The offense will get better every week with more reps.This is the first year with this offense. It will look better week after week.

  6. If Crist stays healthy the rest of the season, I truly believe this team has a shot at going 11-1. Denard Robinson is the real deal, and the defense did far better defending him than they would have last season. I am seeing so many positives with this team through two games. Losing is never good, but we BARELY lost. I hate hypotheticals, but am convinced we win by more than one score had Dayne not been injured. I truly think this team can be special this year, and that’s not being a homer.

  7. Now, about the game.

    Positives: This depleted defense is amazing. Unfortunately, the corners may be exposed. However, Diaco isn’t going to let them get burned. His front 7 will more than offset deficiencies at cornerback. And those deficiencies are being minimized by good hard work by the corners and safeties. No one was out of position.

    Teo played a better game yesterday. Calabrese played a great game. KPM played a great game. This defense will be feared again this year.

    The offense played tough and never quit. Allen had a great game. Wood had a decent game. Allen plays more like Hughes but with better moves.

    Negatives: With all the talk about the other QBs being developed, none looked sharp. Even Crist in critical situations doesn’t have the touch we’ve expected from ND QBs. That may be the one area that will drop off; QB throwing accuracy.

    Not taking the field goal. I was screaming for them to kick the field goal. And here’s the deal. They would have had the chance to kick one at the end. They were in range.

    Not enough of Robert Hughes.

    The offensive line still needs to learn to read the defense. We did great run blocking. Pass blocking was good, but still some assignments were missed. They’ll learn.

    Losing this game was a negative. However, I liked BK’s statement at the end. No loss is a good loss. The offense needs to get better. etc. He was concise and clear. This team will get better.

    Well tough loss, but there is light. BK seems to know where he wants to go. Not having any Super Bowl rings to flash is a plus, because we have a coach who knows how to run the full program and is hungry and confident.

  8. Joey D,
    U saw that also huh? I was watching this game a yelling that the whole game, its a tough offense to stop in the first place but, even thougher when you do that.

  9. On the one hand, a) if Crist plays the whole game we outscore them, b) you get humiliated by the opposing quarterback like that you don’t deserve to win, c) two not particularly good teams , ah D) all of the above.

    1. Hindsight is 20/20. I think at the time he didn’t think Crist was coming back and they needed points in a big way. I probably would have kicked it just to have something positive happen, but have no problem witht he call.

      1. This isn’t a matter of hindsight. It’s practically a law of football. Unless otherwise needed, always take the points. More often than not, missed points (like settling for FGs instead of TDs) always come back to haunt you. I’ve been watching football for a long time and have seen this thing happen too often for it to be a metter of coincidence or just hindsight. TAKE THE FREAKIN’ POINTS! Regardless, i’ve seen this same movie too often in the last 20 years or so. Once again ND loses a game at home in a heart-breaker. Happened under Holtz towards the end. Under Davies. Under Willingham. Under Weis. Now under Kelley. Let’s hope this is the last time for a long time!

      2. There were some positives here guys, but some seriously questionable calls as well. Take the points is RIGHT!!! Those three little points at the end of the half could have changed the momentum a teeny little bit if not the friggin score. I mean cmon BK what did you expect from a 3rd string QB with NO NO NO game experience. Why gamble like that when you’ve got a kicker with at least more game experience. For F sakes use what personnel you have and can count on, not a guy that just threw his first collegiate ball. Sorry for the rant but felt this is the best place for it. Thanks. Go ND beat state…..please.

  10. How sad that we take a proud ND moment (GREAT VIDEO!!!) and turn it into an ALL TOO TYPICAL internet debate on the idiot Bill Kirk’s deserved fate. Tastes great! Less filling! Tastes great! Less filling!

    What I read above intimates that Bill Kirk was fired because of his pro-life stance. Ha! That is not true. Bill Kirk was fired because he repeatedly exceeded and extended the limits of his position, as evidenced by the Napoleonic posturing of his “shoot first, ask questions later” minions on campus. Keeping the law is one thing (and a necessary evil in a land of hopped-up Irish fans), the extent to which Kirk took his “power” is another. The guy was a ticking time bomb, regardless of his stance on abortion. And ND is a better place now. Be happy that he is gone.

    ND will always be Catholic. If you don’t believe that, please talk to a few non-Catholic professors or students. Ask them their opinion. If you can find one who will talk (and yes, we do need a few of them around). Of course, you never will.

    I went to ND, and I thank God I was so blessed. But my experience was made better by what diversity was there. Why are you trying to reverse something that is so obviously good for the University?

    Look outside the bubble, people. It’s not normal to have 100% of your staff, faculty, and constituents look and act the same. It’s a stepping stone to fundamentalism. Somebody else dropped the C-word above (“cult”), so I won’t reuse it. But if you believe Bill Kirk is a role-model employee, that’s where you’re heading! Good luck!

    In short, deal with the fact that Bill Kirk needed to go, not because of what was written above (which is null and void and should be permanently removed from this site), but because he was an immature, power-hungry toxin and about as anti-Catholic a person as you could find on campus. If you don’t believe me, look at his actions, not his words. And ask a few REAL ND people the same question.

    God doesn’t want us to discuss this crap. He wants us to talk ND football. That’s why he logs on to this board. Trust me on that one.

    That said … This video fires me up. Kudos to the poster and apologies for the misdirection we ran on your wonderful contribution. I think I can see chemistry on this team. They might not go BCS this year, but Kelly definitely is the man.

    1. Sorry but God care more about the innocent unborn, and the treatment of women more than he cares about the ND football. I too went to Notre Dame back on the 80’s when you could protest. We protested the fact that the board of trustees had ND invested in an aparthied South Africa.
      And you tell me Fr. Jenkins who has defied his own Bishop on several matters, is any better than your description of Bill Kirk. You can’t.
      If we use your logic, then God wants talking about USC football and Miami football. Because according to you, football trumps all other subjects and it’s, “My team, my school, right or wrong” Real Notre Dame people question even what Notre Dame does. God forgive us if we don’t.

      1. So God cares only for Catholic causes? Are the Catholic causes more important than innocent Palestinians being prisoners in the land that is truely theirs?

      2. We could be having a discussion about ice cream and somehow C-Dog would turn it into a debate about abortion.

  11. But I still hope we crush Michigan. Another Godless State school that sponsors porn on campus and the smoking of drugs. Plus their undergrad program is a scham. Great grad school. But totally overrated undergrad programs.

  12. Thanks for the video. I think most of us LOVED watching it. This was just one win against an inferior squad but it sure feels good.


    Couple of points. First, it appears that Father Tom Doyle was brought in to implement some changes. Perhaps he looked at Bill Kirk and Residence Life and he wasn’t impressed. I have no idea. But, at-will employees are just that: terminable at will. Even guys with 22 years of experience can get fired for any reason or no reason.

    At the same time, if he considered Kirk’s opposition to abortion and fired him for it, that would be disgusting. The university is Catholic and the Church’s teachings are quite clear: abortion is wrong. Always.

    But, if he considered Kirk’s vocal — and public — opposition to President Obama’s appearance on campus that would be a different issue. A member of a senior leadership team really isn’t really “free” to voice their opposition to their employer’s decisions. Imagine a board member who went public with their opposition to the company’s pricing practices. How about a a senior-level employee running to the media to dispute the way the employer handles customer complaints?

    Not the same? It sounds like it to me. Argue all you want behind the scenes. But, once a decision is reached — once Obama was going on campus — the leaders should fall in line even if they disagree with it — or, if they feel strongly, they should resign.

    Of course, the protesting of the President’s appearance took place over a year ago. I find it really hard to believe that the university fired Kirk for his involvement in that protest.

    1. Teo,
      I hope not. But Fr. Jenkins track record is not good regarding Catholicism. The Newman Society just tagged his leadership in a pro-abortion pro-condom organization. Fr. Jenkins also supports the pro-gay clubs on campus and the Vagina Monolgu Let’s us your arguement that public dissent among a Catholic institution of employement should not be tolerated and dismissal should be the rule. Fr. Jenkins’ ultimate leader is the Pope. So using the same logic, Fr. Jenkins’ public flaunting of his views in conflict with Church doctrine on morals should get him fired and defrocked as a priest. He can then apply to be a minister in a different denomination according to his conscience.
      Personally, Fr. Jenkins does not own Notre Dame. It belongs to Catholics and the Catholic Church, unless it wants to disavow it’s Catholic connection. Legally as a private University it may do so. But it does at the risk of having the more loyal Catholics find another institution to support.

      Again, I know this site is for football, but it is Notre Dame football. Today I am a rabid fan. But Fr. Jenkins is calling my support into question. It’s not Notre Dame, God, Country, It’s God, Country, Notre Dame. God comes before Notre Dame. God comes before the football team. I just hope the administration remembers that.

      1. Remember the things that make ND exceptional.
        Yes there are Fathers and priest’s. There is a Chatolic church on campus, plus numerous chappels.
        But first and foremost, ND is a school.
        Any school worth it’s salt is not opposed to organized peaceful protest.
        Senior leadership should be free to voice any concerns within the privacy of the management structure. This is good business.
        ND does not belong to the Catholics, it belongs to the students.
        Some of whom are Catholic, some Southern Baptist, or Lutherans, or even Muslims.
        Looking and discussing all aspects of a subject with open objection is good acedemics. These are not childeren. They are young adults. Worthy of hearing all sides of an issue and making their own informed decision. It’s ok to disagree.
        ND is many things to many people. It’s strenth is in it’s diversity. Diversity not only in it’s students, but in it’s teachings and methods as well. You may not agree with Fr. Jenkins, I don’t agree with Fr. Jenkins. But there is no dening that he induces you to take notice, think, challenge yourself, and decide.
        For that, he has accomplished his goal.
        ND provides many answers, although not always in the form we most desire.
        ND was here long before these current group of administraters, and will be here long after they are gone.
        But the spirit of of ND will endure forever.

        Seek and ye shall find.

      2. ND is a school but first it is a Catholic school. The whole reason to be a fan of the Notre Dame versus some other school is that it has stood for the best aspects of Catholicism. If you just root for Notre Dame because it is a school with golden helmets and has won success, you are missing the point. what made Rockne and Leahy, Gipp, and all the rest legendary was that football helped advance Notre Dame’s religious cause. If Father Jenkins defies the Catholic Church but at the same time terminates the employment of those who remain orthodox and protest his defiance of Church teaching, then he will cause Notre Dame to cease being Notre Dame. It will then be no better than USC or Miami.

  13. Joe- I am with you…I saw that and got butterflies in my stomach!

    SteelFanRob- Great post above…I still have alot to learn…:)

    1. Cliff,

      Theology and Bible studies are my hobbies. I wouldn’t have brought this up on my own but once the topic was broached I couldn’t help myself. Besides I think it’s important for Catholics to know more about the faith. I dislike when I see fundamentalist Protestants bully Catholics.

      1. SFR,

        Are you Pullin my leg?
        Theology & Bible Studies???
        Hunting, fishing, fantesy football, Bank robbery, those are hobbies.
        When it comes to Theology and understanding the bible, Father Cavanaugh said it best:
        “son, in 35 years of religious studies I’ve come to the concluesion of two indisputiable facts…. There is a GOD….. and, I’m not HIM”

      2. Shaz,

        I do some of those other things as well! Did Fr. Cavanaugh REALLY say that or was that artistic license taken in the movie “Rudy”? Either way, I’m sure theology and biblical studies are not unimportant with the good fathers in S. Bend. Also, if more Catholics spent a little more time with their faith, perhaps so many wouldn’t pass for merely nominal Christians or be so easily susceptible to being picked off by either evangelical Protestants or by cults (not the same thing, of course).

      3. SFR,

        As far as your hobbies go, I’m just messin with ya a bit brother.
        I took 1 year of Bible study. While I did find it interesting, one year was plenty for me.
        I can’t say for sure if those were real words or lines from a movie script spoken by Fr. Cavanaugh. I sure as heck hope he said them, because they were truely great!

        Now let’s go skin some wolverine!

  14. I believe 16 men have committed to Notre Dame for the class of 2011.
    There are perhaps seven spots still open to complete the required number.
    If I were one of those invited to be a part of the ND experience and had
    watched and heard the spirit, the excitement, of the team in the post-game
    locker room after their win over Purdue, I would be on that phone like
    “NOW” saying,”Coach, if that offer is still open, I want in! Like NOW!”

  15. Great energy! The passion is palpable. Awesome. This kind of intensity can win games, which is why we all love college football in the first place.

    Thanks for posting.


  16. John,

    There is no “Protestant” version of the Lord’s Prayer. The Catholic liturgy in fact includes the “longer version” (that is, the one with the doxology). Here’s the irony, John, the doxology of the Pater Noster in Matthew’s gospel seems to date from the post-apostolic period. That means, at least according to some scholars, that the clsoing was added to later biblicla manuscripts perhaps by a monk sometime in the early Middle Ages. Regardless, the NT as a whole is a Church document. It’s first editors and redactors were Catholic and Orthodox, not Protestants. It’s not like Catholics don’t read Matthew and Protestants don’t read Mark or Luke. Sorry for the theology lesson.

    1. SteelFanRob – You clearly know more on this subject than I do. I just know that the version I say at Mass every Sunday differs slightly from that of my protestant friends. Thanks for the insightful response.

      1. John,

        Not to belabor the point; after all, this isn’t a religious discussion board. But the priest will first say the Our Father, proceed with a few more liturgical words, then say the doxology (“for Thine is the Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory….”) This is a post-Vatican II development of liturgy.

      2. To both you guys,
        I think this is very interesting given some recent disturbing news about Notre Dame. This isn’t a religious board, but Notre Dame exists on a religious premise. Given that Notre Dame just fired a high ranking administrator presumably because of his pro-life stance, is troubling. Frankly if this is true, my long time and 3rd generational support for the Unviersity and the football team could end.

        Brian Kelly might be a great coach, but an ND that defies Catholic teaching is will not have my support. I seriously hope I am mistaken in what I have read.

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