Brian Kelly on the Addition of Davonte Neal

Normally we have to wait for weeks or months to hear what Brian Kelly has to say about the latest commitment, but when that commitment comes three weeks after Signing Day we can get some instant analysis from Notre Dame’s head coach. ¬† caught up with Kelly on Monday and posted the video on YouTube along with some quotes.

First, the video; and then some quotes from the press release below.


And here’s the quotes from Kelly from the official release.

“Deciding on a college is one of the toughest decisions a young player makes in his life, so we are very pleased with Davonte’s decision to attend Notre Dame,” Kelly said. “Davonte was an electric playmaker in high school and was capable of making the big play any time he had the ball in his hands. He excelled as a receiver, as a running back and as a returner for Coach (Charlie) Ragle at Chaparral High School. I imagine we’ll use him in a similar fashion here.”

“Davonte is a great complement for our 2012 recruiting class,” Kelly said. “As I said almost three weeks ago, we wanted to add more skill players to our team and we did a nice job of doing that. I look forward to coaching Davonte and the rest of his class this fall.”

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  1. Do not want him, right. From what I’ve read his dad sounded in love with ND. Hard to belivee he’s having a hard time choosing between Arizona and Notre Dame, but I guess four years of better football weather (although, way too hot for my taste) may be preferable to a lifetime of a great university degree and a top-notch football program may be preferable to some. Who knows what and how the kids are thinking.

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