Notre Dame WR Signee Davonte Neal Highlights

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  1. Frank

    Thanks for the highlights clips. And thanks for refocusing on Davonte’s talent than in participating with all the side drama so many of our posters are distracted with. Let’s give this kid a chance.
    Fellow posters, let’s forget about all the side stories that none of us know about anyway, and enjoy getting excited about all the speed, talent and ability Davonte will bring next season.

  2. If this guy played just punt returner and running back for the
    Easton PA Red Rovers, Easton would have been undefeated and
    3AAA champions.

    I hope he holds up against the bigger and faster college ex-

  3. Hey b-dub,

    Thank you for the kind words on the B-Ball team at the Greenberry post. Hopefully we can win the Big East Tournament this year for the 1st time. Although, a lofty goal as always, it would certainly top off a great year for the basketball team with an automatic bid to the NCAA tournament.

    On football, I would like to see Davonte win a starting spot as WR on the team. Not to mention we are desperate for a “gifted” punt returner.

    Technically, we should have a better football team this year. If we can develop firepower at the QB position, eliminate turnovers, improve the secondary, return punts and kick-offs and mold the right team chemistry; we may have a good year in football and surprise a few teams.

    This is without question, a must win year for a number of reasons with a priority on recruiting and developing 3 deep elite status on both sides of the ball.

    Tall order, certainly doable……………Go Irish!

    1. Another factor, however, may be just as important. Who is going to replace Jonas Gray?? Power running the ball with authority like Jonas demonstrated will be difficult to replace searching the roster.

      1. Jack,

        I think Robinson would be a good choice at 218 lbs and maybe he can pick-up 10 lbs before fall? A Big-Mac before bed time?? Seems like right a 225 to 230 lbs is a power runner’s profile.

  4. Also in a article his teacher was talking about his drive and determination to never quite, to never give up, and that he has always had a huge desire to be in the NFL. IF that is so we may have a monster on the field that will be unstoppable. I will take drive and determination anyday over athletics, lucky for us he has both.

  5. I’m hearing a lot of talk about how committed this kid is to ND and that he wanted to go to UA , but his dad wanted him to go to ND. Just saw an interview with him and UA wasn’t even in his final 2. It was ND and Arkansas and he decided on ND last week and never wavered. He only considered UA because it was close to home, but they were never really a player because his #1 concern was academics.

    After watching the interview, I came away impressed with this kid. Seems to have his head on straight and he is committed to ND for all the right reasons.

  6. There’s nobody on the offensive side of the ball, currently, with a burst like that. Glad he chose ND and can’t wait for him to return kicks and flourish in the spread.

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