Spring ’12 – Day 4 Video Highlights the Slot

Notre Dame posted another practice video after Day 4 of spring practice this year focusing on the hybrid slot wide receiver/running back position the Irish staff created this off-season.  We have the video and some comments.


  • First off, I don’t I can overstate how much I love Tony Alford as an assistant coach at Notre Dame.  I can’t remember ever liking an assistant as much as Alford since we’ve been running UHND.
  • Robby Toma looked pretty good running the football out of the backfield in the little footage of him that there was.  Toma also got some props from Alford for his blocking in one drill.
  • Theo Riddick looks much more comfortable running the ball out of the backfield and it seems pretty clear that Alford expects a lot out of him.  Riddick has just looked really explosive this spring so far.  Hopefully the staff figures out how to get the most out of the talented senior.
  • Not surprisingly, George Atkinson looks really comfortable catching the ball out of the backfield.  He received some coaching from Alford and Brian Kelly on being a little more assertive once he makes his initial cut.  You may remember Kelly mentioning that he was pleased with the rising sophomores patience this spring so it looks like Atkinson is still learning the nuances of the position.

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