Vince Vaughn Celebrates the Notre Dame Win

Before we dig into all of the positives (yes there were some) and negatives (yes there were many) from today’s last second win, here is a video of Vince Vaughn on the Notre Dame sideline celebrating Kyle Brindza’s field goal as a reminder of what makes Notre Dame special.

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  1. agree on GAIII. that return set up all the momentum for the winning drive

    BK pulled dayne last year very early in the season after a terrible T.O. and we all know what followed.
    while Golson’s fumble didn’t turn out to be monumental, i’m really hoping the team (AND coach) doesn’t fall into the same old habits

  2. Golson had a good game, but he had nothing going for him toward the end. ND would have been dead meat with Golson in OT (OT probably being the best case scenario). The other team just had all the momentum. ALL of it. Playing Rees was an outstanding move. I simply don’t belive Rees going in was soley due to Golson’s injury. Maybe I’m delusional on that, but oh well. It was a great, exciting game, and we pulled it out!

    Also I’d like to see Goodman given more of an opportunity.

    GAIII helped set up the game winning field goal with that kick return. I don’t hear too many people talking about that. The stiff arm he gave that dude was bad azz!

    1. I have to give it to him. He hasn’t been heard of until the most important play of the game and then makes a spectacular catch with a defender draped on him. Props to Goodman for coming down with it. He stepped up huge on that play allowing us to continue the drive and ultimately win. I’m glad to see he finally did something useful :)

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