Michigan And Notre Dame Ready For One More Battle

Their rivalry will be put on hiatus after this weekend, but Michigan insider Angelique Chengelis and Notre Dame insider Allen Pinkett tell Campus Insiders why their respective teams will have bragging rights until they meet again.

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  1. Michigan’s strength is their defense, specifically their linebacking core. It is going to be strength against strength. We will find out who has the better unit. The key is containing #98 and covering #1. If ND’s defense is able to do that they can win. If they allow Gardner to break containment it’s all over.

    I expect the offense to have some trouble and I wasn’t particularly impressed with some of the line play on Saturday especially the pass blocking. I also wasn’t impressed with the defenses ability to contain the QB. These teams in my eyes are evenly matched and it is whoever blinks first. I thin ND needs to score over 40 to win.

    1. If ND needs to score 40 to win this game then its going to be a long year and I guess your saying they will need to score 55+ to beat Arizona St., Florida St. Louiville, and USC. I hope your wrong.

      1. Jeff,

        The defense scares me I’m not going to lie. I don’t like the communication breakdowns. Against a better team that’s TD’S

  2. This is a game that Notre Dame should win. They are the superior team if you look at both rosters. The key is starting out quick and establishing a run game. Nothing fancy but hard nose smash mouth football right up the gut and see if Michigan can stop us. Use the run game to set up the passing game. I know Coach Kelly runs a pass first version of the spread but App State was able to have some success running the ball up the middle and I think we can to. Our offensive line has to win up front if we are to beat Michigan.

    With two starters out again in the secondary. The Irish must double Funchess and make their young WR beat us. I would feel way more confident if we did not have 3 starters out on our defense but it is what it is and players have to step up.

    I think it will be a close game with Notre Dame pulling away early in the 4th quarter. Notre Dame wins 38-28.

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