ESPN Analyst Thinks Notre Dame is For Real in 2023

ESPN analyst and former Alabama quarterback Greg McElroy explained today why he thinks Notre Dame is the real deal this year. McElroy talks about:

  • The Notre Dame secondary being one of the best in the country
  • The pass rush still being a bit of a work in progress
  • The emergence of Holden Staes
  • Notre Dame and Sam Hartman ending NC State’s streak of games holding opponents to 30 or less points

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  1. Stupid ad is blocking the reply button, Jeff….so it gotta go here

    If the bench is “Milrose Place” (ha, sic), it could be one of these reasons:
    * Alabama is so inexplicably lacking at QB as to actually need to start Tyler Buchner (!!), or
    * having a QB keeper-skewed gameplan against USF, which Buchner might more optimally execute, or
    * having Milroe go in after watching a couple of possessions might help calm and focus him.

  2. Notre Dame hasn’t played anyone yet. They have looked really good so far against inferior opponents. The defense still hasn’t faced a top tier QB/offense this year. But no need to panic those top tier QBs are heading our way soon in the way of OSU, Duke, and USC. If we can win 2 of 3 of those games then i will be convinced ND belongs in the Top 8. I think you have to pump the breaks a little on ND until we see how they fare against better quality opponents. We are seeing what a top tier QB such as Hartman can do for your program. Remember what it did for Clemson when they had Boyd, Watson, and Lawrence over about a 10 year span. Safe to say that program has taken a step back since Lawrence left for the NFL.

    1. Almost no one has played “anyone” yet. Because at this time of year, practically no one IS anyone, except for the same 8 or 10 super-brands.

      ND has played very sound, entertaining football. No coaching boneheadery, no lack of readiness to play, no utter lack of creativity, no pigheaded decision-making. All a wonderful breath of fresh air.

      ND finally has a real QB. This year only.
      What happens next year….unknown.
      Clemson is definitely on the downslope…but I could easily see Clemson recruiting yet another elite high school QB, leading to a resurgence of that program.
      There’s no recent track record, and a ton of stiff competition, to prevent ND from doing so.
      Maybe ND is just a program where under-exposed 5th year QBs transfer to impress scouts.

      1. It looks as if Buchner will be getting the starting job over Milrose this week. It will be interesting to say the least how that works out for Buchner and Rees. Wont be rooting against them but will be keeping my eye on that one.

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