Notre Dame Football: Hit & Hustle Notre Dame vs Navy Preview

Two days to kickoff and the boys give the full send previewing the matchup between the Fighting Irish and Navy Midshipmen. The Middies have two quarterbacks, a new head coach, a new offensive coordinator, but are still running the option. The Irish are motivated to open the season. Can Notre Dame adjust to the blitz heavy Navy defense? Does Notre Dame have a good plan defensively? Jamie and Greg talk it out and end with a prediction.

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  1. David, the “experts” on television have been saying that ND is short on top notch receivers (except for Merriweather).
    I doubt we are that bare at receiver!
    Especially watch TYRE if he’s healthy. And since when has ND failed to find a TE who could play this game well? Sometime before Snow and Snowden?

    BGC 77 82

    1. When you go without a blue chip QB in you program for 15 years, don’t be shocked that you’re now a bit short on great receivers.

  2. My own measure of a great season:
    If the receiving corps does its job….especially Merriweather…..Hartman will attend the Heisman show in NYC.
    Vegas has him in a logjam at 16:1.

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