Notre Dame vs Syracuse Hype Video

Our friends at the ACC Network shared the following Notre Dame – Syracuse hype video below with us as the ACC looks to hype up the first of Notre Dame’s ACC games this year. The Irish will play 4 games in total with the ACC before playing 6 next year and then getting into their 5 ACC game a season commitment in 2016.

Had Syracuse won this past weekend and come into this weekend’s contest 4-0, the hype level for this game would have been a little bit higher, but it’s nice to see the ACC excited to have the Irish playing against the conference none the less.

Considering the ACC doesn’t have a whole lot of Notre Dame footage at its disposal yet, they did a pretty good job using some clips of Notre Dame vs. BC in 2012 and Pitt 2013.

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  1. I live in Pittsburgh, so I’m not as close to the campus as I assume many people here are. Any news at all about the 5 suspended players? I know the school paper got quotes from Father Jenkins to the staff, but anything else at all?

    1. ND4Life – I’ve heard nothing. But you want my opinion? Here it is anyway!

      “Kids these days…”

      The assumption of superiority over the rules is disgusting. Bit yes, it’s easy to understand with “kids these days.” Players must realize that they must ACT LIKE GROW-UP’S. Responsibility is all about ACTING LIKE A GROWN-UP. I really don’t want this toxic immaturity among my team, if I am ND. (and as an alumn, I am) So unless these jokers are shown the door – or the door is shut on them – the necessary maturity shall not materialize. And if that’s the case, we don’t want them on the team.

      There’s no “i” in “team,” but there is a “me.” (last 2 letters) This immaturity highlights the “me.” And no one needs that.

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