Notre Dame’s Brian Kelly Sees FSU as Good Test

Anticipation continues to build for the top five matchup between Notre Dame and Florida State in Tallahassee. Hear from Notre Dame’s Brian Kelly on why he feels that this is a game that the Irish expect to win.

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  1. Like Coach Holtz says: We don’t have to be the best team in the nation each week. We just need to be the best team in the stadium each week.

    Go out there and out-tackle and out-block FSU. Hold on to the ball and march on to another epic victory, loyal sons of Notre Dame!

    Go IRISH,

  2. I was comparing the combined 12 opponents that both ND and FSU have played this year, trying to decide which one of those 12 opponents was the most physical team.

    I decided on Stanford.

    Now I don’t know if Florida State will be more physical than Stanford…. but I know that Notre Dame was.

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