Campus Insiders: “Mark It Down, Florida State Loses This Week”

Pete Fiutak over at Campus Insiders is not only confident that Notre Dame will go down to Tallahassee and beat the Florida State Seminoles this weekend, but he also thinks that Everett Golson, not Jameis Winston, will be the best player on the field in the process. Watch the video below to find out why and let us know what you think in the comments.

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  1. Moral victories sure as hell don’t matter. It was a game that could have been won. Oh well, shit happens, time to move on to the next game. Hopefully there is no letdown from this game for next week’s game.

  2. After watching what ND did (and couldn’t do) against UNC last week, I’m not encouraged. My entire attitude toward this team changed. FSU is SO much better than the Tarheels.

    Golson is on a self-destructive trend on the field.

  3. FSU 42 ND 21. Early turnovers and no running game kill the Irish. Winston plays best game of the year. This game reminds me of the Clemson game for them and the NC game for the Irish

  4. can ND win….of course! Will they win…doubt it! Too many turnovers lately and unless that stops, ND is doomed. Golson needs to be at his best both running and passing. Winston is good but most importantly he is lucky.
    Someone once said, I’d rather be lucky than good…so true. No matter what he does he manages to squeak by both on and off the field. Maybe that will change this week, I hope so, but I wouldn’t bet against FSU. Go IRISH!

  5. Yeah he never said ND would win. Or that Everett would play better. He said we NEEDED him to play better more than FSU needs Winston to be at his best.

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