Watch: Notre Dame WR Miles Boykin Makes Ridiculous Catch

We’ve spent a lot of time this summer talking about Equanimeous St Brown, Torii Hunter, CJ Sanders, and Corey Holmes.  Freshmen Chase Claypool, Kevin Stepherson, and Javon McKinley have caught everyone’s attention at times as well.  Wednesday, however, it was massive sophomore Miles Boykin raising eyebrows with a ridiculous one-handed catch.

Poor Julian Love.  The freshman corner has blanket coverage on Boykin in the clip above, but Boykin still reached around him and made a ridiculous one-handed catch.  Boykin isn’t going to run by a lot of corners at his size, but he is very capable of doing exactly what he did to Love to almost any corner unfortunate enough to have to cover him one on one.

As Notre Dame continues to work on its red-zone offense, it’s hard to imagine a scenario in which Boykin is not one of Notre Dame’s prominent weapons inside the 20 yard line.  There simply aren’t many (maybe any) corners on the college level that can do much in a one on one situation with a player like Boykin – especially if Boykin is going to come down with catches like that.

It’s one thing to be big but how many times does a big wide receiver struggle to use their body to shield defenders and make plays?  It took Maurice Stovall four years to really learn how to use his massive frame to his advantage. Of course three of those years were under the offensive coaching of Tyrone Willingham and Bill Diedrick but that’s another story.

Oh, and this wasn’t the first time Boykin made a nice play in practice by taking advantage of his size.   This time his victim was Ashton White.


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