Notre Dame’s Matt Farrell Surprised by Army Lt. Brother

At the end of Notre Dame’s 77-62 victory over Colgate Monday night, Notre Dame guard Matt Farrell got an early Christmas present and it’s probably the best thing you will see all day.  Farrell’s older brother Bo had a recorded message play over the video from from his post in Afghanistan.  Except Bo was at Joyce Arena to surprise his brother.

Mission accomplished for Bo Farrell.  His little brother who had just scored 13 points  and dished out 7 assists in Notre Dame’s 10th win over the season was completely surprised and his reaction was fun to watch.  His teammates reaction was wonderful to see as well.

The Farrell’s parents were also in attendance and unaware of their eldest son’s presence under he walked out onto the court.   Bo Farrell wasn’t supposed to be home again until February but it looks like Christmas came early for the Bridgewater, NJ family.

Matt Farrell is in the midst of a breakout season for Notre Dame.  The junior point guard is averaging 13.8 points and 6.0 assists a game through 12 games for Notre Dame this season.  As a sophomore last year Farrell played fewer minutes per game than points he is averaging a game this year.  Farrell has also hit on all 27 free throws he’s taken this season.

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  1. Farrell is carrying this team. If the others played with his intensity we would be something to be reckoned with!

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