Notre Dame’s Day 3 Practice Video Reveals Poor Tackling Fundamentals

When the smallest guy on the Notre Dame football team, Nico Fertitta, is the only guy showing proper tackling you know new defensive coordinator Mike Elko has his work cut out for him. Granted we are only looking at a quick highlight video courtesy of Irish Illustrated but it looks like the ND secondary has a LOT of work to do.  Maybe they should focus on the opposition’s belt buckle and not their helmets.  Just a thought.

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  1. Wow tackling techniques was pathetic and that was being generous. I would expect my high school team to look better than that. I knew fundamentals were lacking but I had no idea it got this bad. Fertiita and the one guy who should STILL be in high school Robertson looked way better than everybody else. Drue was inconsistent at best. Too high and often head down. That was painful to watch. Elko has his work cut out for him.

  2. I look at this video and I see at least 7 touchdowns that cost us 5 games last year…

    I can only hope the coaches see the same thing and have plans to fix it.

  3. The tackling has been horrendous, it’s true. Except for Fertitta, who has been the hardest hitter on the team from the day he got here. I get the feeling that Elko will fix that.

  4. thanks for ruining my spring and summer. All of last year’s pain just came rushing back to my head. How f=ing bad is that tackling. OMG, a couple of the tacklers couldn’t even get a hand on runners and they were only 10 yards apart. How can fundamentals be this bad at a place like ND?

    1. When you’re as far behind the curve as they are in fundamentals, you don’t have to do anything special to improve. Just put the time in. I’m really glad to see them doing tackling drills; never saw that under BVG.

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