Watch Brian Kelly, Notre Dame Players Wild Locker Room Celebration

Saturday’s big win over Michigan State clearly meant a lot to Brian Kelly and his players.  In the video below you can see Kelly dancing and getting pretty rowdy with his players as the Megaphone was delivered to the visitors locker room.  The video is actually a pretty stark contrast from the old perception of Kelly as a coach disconnected from his players.  Rather it shows a coach that is pretty close with his players.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a scene like this from Notre Dame or Brian Kelly.  There were moments like this during the 2012 regular season, but not many since then.  I’m not talking about just the big win either.  This video, on top of being a lot of fun to watch as a fan, shows a coach and a team that pretty close.  It’s not the kind of scene we may have seen last year – even in the event of a big win.

Another great thing about this video is it took place in the locker room, not on the field.  There was no planting of the flag like Michigan State in 2005 or most recently by Baker Mayfield, the ultimate college football bro, at Ohio State.  Notre Dame went a little wild, but they did it together as a team in the locker room.  That is the sign of a good culture within the team.

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  1. -Dave, Our nemisis Coach John McKay had the best quote meant just for you. When a reporter asked Him what He thought of Coach John Ralston’s remarks, He said ” I’m not going to get in a pissing contest with a skunk”

  2. Haven’t seen this kind of excitement under BK. Or haven’t seen
    BK show this kind of excitement esp Daboing. I love it!

  3. In the scope of ND’s history this was not a big win. In the scope of this season this was a super important win. The next two games we will be heavily favored and if we beat the Redhawks and Tarheels, then we will be on course for a mega game with USC. There is a lot to play for and it looks we are coming together at the right time. Go Irish!

  4. Perhaps, David will call me bipolar after reading this. I opt for the expression middle-of-the-road.

    I can understand David’s frustrations with BK. I share them. I don’t think he’s a great coach. He’s won a lot against inferior teams and in lower divisions. He’s also an arrogant jerk.

    But this was a big win. Yes, MSU was sloppy. But the Irish had a little to do with that. Also, it is a rivalry game. That counts foe something.

    Both David at one end of the spectrum and those at the other end would do well to bring their opinions of BK and ND football towards the middle.

    Things may well not be as bleak as David believes them to be, but they are far from rosy either. And haven’t been for a long time.


      1. “Burgy,” frankly, I don’t know. Stillers walking things back a bit. But the whole things was botched from the get go.

        Now, given how the Rooneys have become so PC, including the hiring of an unqualified minority coach, who has been given life-long tenure, despite repeatedly losing to bad teams, I can’t say things would’ve been handled differently by anybody in that increasingly ND-like mediocre franchise!

    1. When a team hands you a win, you take it.
      That’s not great coaching. Hell, any ND fan since 1995 should recognize the handing of a winnable game to an opponent. Syracuse, Tulsa, USF, Navy, Navy, etc etc etc.

      You remember these words you post today when the internet is aflame in Kelly rants again….it won’t be long.

      1. David,

        Long before you got on here I’ve been calling out the settlers on this site for their casual acceptance of mediocrity and calling for an attitude among true fans that demands excellence from the administration and football program. So don’t pretend to lecture me on that matter.

        My call to a middle-of-the-road analysis was an attempt to steer the conversation away from the extremes of deluded ND triumphalism epitomized by the likes of “Southside” et al. and the existential pessimism of some like yourself.

        Things at ND are not good with the football program and haven’t been for a long time. I agree with you there. But let’s not give up on this team so early in the season and dismiss a good win against MSU.

        If you don’t like my attempt at balance, that’s fine. Just don’t put words in my mouth. I’ve been calling out the pie-in-the-sky bunch long before you posted your first comment on here.

        GO IRISH!

  5. Good win for the Irish. HORRIBLE PERFORMANCE by Sparty. Worst ive seen of Sparty against ND in quite some time.
    im not convinced the Irish had a lot to do with Sparty’s poor play. Im OK with BK celebrating the road win against a Power 5
    school that has given the Irish fits in the past. After all its a rare occurrence under his watch. Maybe someday beating top
    shelf power 5 teams will be a regular occurrence under BK. Until then I will err on the side of caution because more
    times than not i’ve seen his teams collapse. Difficult to feel optimistic due to his teams past history.

    1. When you’re as desperate as Kelly, any win is a big win.
      “C’mon boys…I’m pretty much the last big school coach to get himself on Youtube doing the old man dance!”

  6. The game was pretty much a must-win for BK personally. So I get that part of it. But MSU is still a three win game. Let’s be reasonable here.

    1. Yes…reasonable. This is the place for that.

      A win, and people go bananas.
      A loss, and people go bananas.

      My eyes saw 7 years of that total dufus. I have had more than enough of that fraud, no matter what rabbits occasionally randomly wander out of his hat.

  7. Kelly has completely changed everything, including himself, for the better of the team. Great leadership on his part. It’s a shame the diversity he has faced in the last few seasons didn’t make this happen quicker but my guess is that Kelly hasn’t experienced that over an extended period of time in his career. Regardless of who might think this is silly or need to do this when they beat a top ranked team, etc, this is very good team unity. The players have to trust their coach and look to him as their leader. Seeing things like this make me feel a lot better as an ND fan with Kelly truly leading this team now.

    1. He’s a fraud who got forced into change despite his “27 years” worth of experience and preference.

      So annoint him if you like, but I’ll be curious to read the posts next time ND gets curb stomped.

      This place is nothing if not bipolar.

  8. The kind of locker room scene when a Power 5 team beats a top-ranked rival.
    In November.
    To get to 11-0, or 12-1.
    And earn a spot in the BCS playoff.

    1. This is the same euphoria Kelly showed when Manti Teo’s defense got him that big raise and extension.
      Then he went on that insufferable arrogance jag.
      Flash forward 5 years: a man utterly relieved to win a rivalry game.
      The joy of self-enrichment has been replaced with the relief of self-preservation.

    2. The man is damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t. A coach celebrating with his team after beating a rival on the road in a night game in primetime and people still find reason to complain.

      1. Here’s the thing: The guy is being paid — very well — to “do”. He’s been “doesn’t”-ing for too long.

        It will take a lot more than a single moment of “does” to warrant such crazy jubilation.

      2. Completely agree, I was dancing in my living room and I’m was excited to find out coach was dancing with his players. This is exciting for the kids, they need this. It adds to chemistry and confidence going forward. Go Irish!!!

      3. Paddy: Maybe you should make a personal contribution to Kelly’s salary. You know….because you believe in him so much.
        A guy coming off a 4-8 season at ND (just wow….) , who dumped on his starting QB pre-draft, who has gone on to earna starting job in the NFL. That guy.

      4. I’m happy we won david, that’s all. Maybe you should take your negativity to another fan base if you can’t enjoy the team even when they win.

      5. you are right frank! Kelly has shown he has changed getting closer to players, giving up play calling, and putting faith and power to assistant coaches! lets b honest u can say Kelly was a jerk to the reporter after the Georgia game, but after his team fighting to the very last second against a top 7 team, what kind of JERK brings up last year? This is a new year these kids play hard! LET THIS TEAM HAVE ITS OWN IDENTITY! MOVE ON!

      6. Yeah Frank , and these are young kids too , having fun in their young lives they will always remember years from now. Shoot , after a 4-8 dismal season —and a decent start in 2017 — let the kids have some fun — and most of these kids are from that 2016 season. They did it in the locker room — and why not a rah – rah heads up celebration — who knows what adrenilin/confidence will spew forth from this victory over arch -rival Michigan State into remaining schedual. If it takes a celebration in locker room after each Irish victory —that keeps the Irish momentum going — by all means stay with it.

    3. Well, David, another 30-40 vitriolic posts lambasting Kelly, and I will have no choice but to remove you from the
      “Undecided” Column.

      But I just wonder, and understand my empathy and compassion here. You obviously watch the games with your “I hate Kelly” beanie and decoder ring, but really, do you ENJOY the football games or are you simply addicted to misery?

      It ain’t Lent yet, Bubba, I’d avoid the hair shirt for a while.

      The kids are having fun, Kelly is having fun, I’m having fun, a few others are having fun.

      What is your deal, man? Really?

      1. Here’s my ‘deal’: I will continue to post here to perhaps, maybe, sober even just one of you up to stark reality that Kelly is a bum.
        It would be a small step, but a start. So that someday, I might live to see another coach hired, and ND contend for a championship under a real coach.


      2. You’re angry. And I’m guessing that your fake ire is a distraction from some other, more significant problem in your life. But whatever that is, you’re not going to work it out on the oblique, you will have to confront your issues directly.

        You do know how college football got started right? It is a fun activity. As the late great Al McGuire once said about his (and his brother Dick’s) cherished hoop “I mean, really, it’s ten guys running around in short pants.”

        I enjoy football Saturdays, and I am a fan of the Notre Dame team, coach Kelly, President Corey Robinson and guys like Denson and Todd Lyght, along with Powlus, hanging around the program. I like Bettis meeting (or “bunking into'” if you speak Joisy)
        Shayne Simon at the airport. I like Tuck schmoozing with Lamb trying to get him to wear Tuck’s #44 number.

        And, frankly, sonny boy, you wouldn’t know stark reality if it punched you in the face.

        Misery is a choice. You’ve made it. “Not my circus, not my monkey.” That’s you.

        It’s ‘Merica you know. You can have a wretched life if you choose to. But, on such subjects, I always defer to a an expert…….

      3. If it weren’t for your healthy self-awareness and obviously superior genes, someone might think you’re a smug arsehole.

    1. And it is not just that we passed the ball when we wanted to – it’s also where we passed it on the field…and to whom…opposing linebackers and corners are going to have an increased workload in the future against our team. “Bad luck with that, dudes.”

      La Crosse, Indiana

    2. To Bob (who really does not ‘get’ internet threads…. ):

      Life is indeed short. And you get shockingly few Fall Saturdays in the mix.
      So I now spend my precious Saturdays watching far better entertainment. This week included the very well-coached and rapidly improved Washington Huskies vs Colorado.

      1. David,
        Perhaps we’ll get Washington in some bowl…then you can watch a rapidly improved ND team.

        BGC ’77 ’82

      2. Your Saturday’s are far too precious to watch Notre Dame football, but your other days aren’t too precious to spend posting negative comment after negative comment? We get it, you hate Brian Kelly. Please start to add some level of discourse to the comments or please spend your precious time on another website.

    3. Agree . I was watching replay of game on YouTube and saw some nice improvement by Wimbush. Claypool , Mack , Smythe and of course St. Brown played better. I liked that C.J Sanders got in on offense and he did pretty well on his kick off returns. Finally Dexter is getting playing time and that Scottish kid #38 is looking good running the ball. Go Irish.

    4. “UHND”: Brian Kelly is a bad coach. After 7 seasons you refuse to get that….your prerogative.
      You’re too ‘invested’ to see simple facts. Fine.
      Suit yourself, but I have a functioning mind that can reassess things based on evidence.

      1. David,
        The “simple fact” I see is that if these guys just bear down, follow their game plans, and play really hard, they are going to be 5-1 going into the bye week before USC at home! And the “1” is a one point loss to a fine Georgia team. Enjoy that!

      2. “Facts” are not conditional upon hypothetical events that are yet to occur.

        America’s relationship with ‘facts’ is worsening.

      3. David,
        Your command of “facts” is even worse than mine, and I’m mentally ill…a medical fact, sir, not hyperbole! You give it as a “fact” that BK is a poor coach…something that is yet to be determined and looks more and more dubious every game!
        If you really believe that we will lose one or both of the next two, fly to Vegas or London and bet on it! But the truth is probably this: you are afraid we’ll win both then prep hard for USC during the two weeks we have before that contest. I don’t think BK is a great coach…but I do think he is a good coach who believes in himself and genuinely believes he can win “big” at ND. That’s what makes him the right man for this job when compared to certain “great” and well known coaches out there who don’t have enough confidence in their own abilities to believe that they could win “big” at ND under Notre Dame’s terms. So screw them. They are NOT the right men for this job…from their own mouths.

        BGC ’77 ’82

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