Mike Golic Talks Notre Dame Losing the Big Game Again

Former Notre Dame great and ESPN personality Mike Golic talked about Notre Dame once again losing the big game over the weekend after getting waxed 41-8 to Miami in a primetime matchup.  Golic sums up how most of us Notre Dame fans feel today after the Irish fell flat and got embarrassed on a national stage when they had everything to play for right in front of them.

Here’s what Golic had to say this morning.

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  1. Notre Dame Fans can be so annoying. Yes they lost a big game, but they also won a big game vs USC, they also won a big game vs UNC State.
    This was a team that was 4-8 a year ago, the coach rebuilt the program from the ground up and now they’re winning!!! Really we should be
    talking about a coach of the year award. Mike Golic in this case is being weak, he is saying the easy thing in this case, “They can’t win the
    big game,blah, blah, blah…” If Golic had a spine he would stand up and state the facts, “yes they lost a big game, but the won the
    two big games before that. Also this team was 4-8 a year ago and the head coach did what it took to right the ship”. All the BK
    haters need to realize that they have a good head coach and be grateful.

  2. Is that what it takes? Only a football alum with a radio or TV show can speak the hard truth, or else you just get shouted down and bullied?
    ’cause plugging your ears and denying reality is just pathetic.
    But I’ll bet Brian Kelly sure appreciates it.

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