Relive Notre Dame’s Epic Comeback Over Virginia Tech

Notre Dame looked dead in the water last night in Brooklyn as Virginia Tech built a 21 point lead in second round action in the ACC Tournament.  Then the Irish came to life and came storming back to pull off a stunning upset in a game that the ESPN Win Probability meter at one point gave them a < 1% chance of winning.  Relive all of the action from Notre Dame’s wild win with these highlights including play by play from an animated Jack Nolan.

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  1. Sadly the Irish won’t be going to the Tournament this year. I can’t say I’m all that surprised. I actually thought they’d need an ACC Championship berth, but it looks like a semifinal would have done the trick. But losing in the Quarterfinals, and being dominated like they were, was likely the final nail in the coffin.

    Here’s hoping they go far in the NIT. I just hope it’s not such a let down that they come in flat. The NIT Tournament does not come with anywhere near the prestige of the NCAA’s but it’s not something you want to lost in the early rounds.

  2. Texas Southern 15-19 beats Irish out for a birth. Something really wrong here. Irish were 20 in Sagarin ratings. Oh well, our day will come with NIT Championship. Only poor sports wouldn’t want Irish in NIT.

  3. NDCM, I’m with your observation. Mad Max looked good in his pirouette move to open field. A real scrapper. Great addition to the Fighting Irish QB stockpile. Wonder if NIT will take us, some real heavies, Rider.

  4. MAX DUGGAN visited ND yesterday 4star ranked higher than CRAPNAMARA!!! ALOT and I mean ALOT of these 4star QBS ranked higher than lil mac!! So much for the panic from our big fan DOPEY DAVEY!!! lil mac loves the support from u DOPEY DAVEY!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Great turnaround last night. Unfortunately they got owned by Duke tonight. IMO that probably cost them an NCAA bid. I thought they had to get to the semis bare minimum to have a shot. They had a phenomenal turnaround last night against VT, but that was all but negated by them getting owned tonight.

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