Watch Brian Kelly Drink Red Gatorade Out of the Legends Trophy

In case you weren’t aware, Notre Dame and Stanford play for the Legends Trophy every year.  Notre Dame hasn’t had possession of it since 2014 after three straight losses to the Cardinal. Brian Kelly had a message for his team earlier this week apparently that if they won, he would be drinking out of that trophy Saturday night.  They won.  He drank red Gatorade out of it.

I’m sure some will roll their eyes at this, but you know what?  This was freaking awesome and this is the kind of things that the players love to see their coach do.  After three straight losses to Stanford all of which came in excruciating fashion, the Irish earned the right to celebrate last night.  Kelly, who made the controversial call to change quarterbacks with a 3-0 record at the time, earned the right to celebrate last night too.

Notre Dame has raised the ceiling on their season the last two weeks considerably.  Suddenly a run to the playoffs seems almost likely if the Irish can get past a tough road game next weekend at Virginia Tech.  The schedule, which looked daunting, all of a sudden seems to be breaking just right for the Irish.

Next week is obviously a brand new challenge, but for now watch this video a couple times and soak this one in because Notre Dame fans earned the right to celebrate this one too.  The last few losses to Stanford have been of the debilitating variety.  So grab some red Gatorade of your (or something stronger) and soak this one in.

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  1. First line from Dennis Dodd Article today:

    What didn’t (in italics) Brian Kelly see in Ian Book?

    Good question, Dennis. Maybe the anger meds blurred his vision?

    1. Dennis Dodd, Read my post below if you see this. Your question may be answered partially, though it is certainly a fair question.

      BGC ’77 ’82

      1. B G C why do you bother with dopey dave !! KELLY makes the decision to switch to BOOK and now he blames KELLY for waiting ! DABO switched to LAWRENCE, SABAN switched to TUA in the NATL. CHAMP. GAME!! There’s nothing KELLY can do that this dope won’t criticize, he knows nothing about football!! Go to the FLA ST. site and praise Taggart or the Nebraska site and tell them how your 2 favorite coaches are doing dopey dave! OR better yet go tell the PENN ST. fans how smart their coach is, were fine with KELLY AND WERE #6 !!!!

  2. (1) People who say the players don’t like Kelly are nuts.

    (2) It’s a lot better than having to watch some old man try to dance.

    (3) Don’t worry about BW. He has shown both class and smarts, as well as love for his team, by not going off half-cocked and immediately announcing his transfer to some other program. He’ll be back at just the right time.

    BGC ’77 ’82

      1. David, people disagree with you because you are chronically (and demonstrably) WRONG. It’s just that simple, David.

        BGC ’77 ’82

  3. Do the trophy requirements call for wash and santization afterwards, haha. I have not been the biggest fan of BK but, this was a type of win he has needed since he began his tenure at ND. His coordinators deserve much acknowledgement too. Inserting Book has had a positive domino effect and really shows why BK hired CL as the OC. I would speculate that BW has much disappointment about the turn of change that has happened but he has been given fair opportunity to the position. Losing Bars for the whole season is bad news. Time to prepare for VT.

    1. Starting Wimbush ahead of Book is coaching malpractice. Kelly is still an idiot…he got bailed out by the defense in 2012, and he got totally bailed out by the defense in the first 3 games of 2018. While all the while personally focused squarely on offense.

      1. David, Remember that at Miami last year, we were a one point one loss team (against Georgia only) getting whipped when BK put Book in. At that time, Book had one start under his belt. He immediately threw a pick six! So your term of “coaching malpractice” for starting Wimbush some more is a bit strong. Now, after a Citrus Bowl bailout by Book, you could argue to start him in September…but BK and Coach Long believed (correctly) that we could beat Michigan with Wimbush. So they stuck with him. It worked for Michigan, but then bogged down. So they are going with Book now. How was ND or the team hurt by the strategy and how it unfolded?

        So “coaching malpractice” seems pretty strong. I would say that at most there was a lack of “intuition” about where Book’s ceiling really is. But BK isn’t alone in that…AND BK RECRUITED HIM…and Long and BK have him up to ramming speed, at least for the time being. So all’s well that ends well IMO.

        David, Sam Rayburn, a personal hero of mine, once said something like this: Any JACKASS can knock down a barn. But it takes a skilled carpenter to build one.

        BGC ’77 ’82

  4. I’m super impressed with Kelly’s demeanor,
    He’s really chilled out over these past few years and seems like a pretty respectable guy now.

    1. GK how great was that win, and how great is it to not having to listen to dopey davey!! I guess he’s hiding somewhere, and crying!! We all knew BW needed to be replaced, but wow who knew BOOK would turn this whole team around!!! GREAT WIN AND GREAT JOB BY KELLY AND THE ENTIRE COACHING STAFF!!

  5. Man That was BK’s signature win. I had difficulty sleeping last night. I am extremely proud of the ND players and Coaching Staff. Seeing Alize take it to the house…boyahh!! The only sadness was seeing Brandon Wimbush standing there, I couldn’t help but feel bad for him. However, it was his job and he lost it. Kudos to everyone!

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