Watch Notre Dame WR Michael Young Make Crazy Catch in Camp

It is still very early on in training camp, but Notre Dame junior wide receiver Michael Young is already making some highlight-reel worthy catches.  On Wednesday the speedy outside receiver got behind senior corner Troy Pride and well, just watch the video below.

First off, Troy Pride is not an easy man to get behind.  Pride is freakishly fast and is a top-notch cover man so Young getting behind him is impressive in itself.  Now add in the one-handed catch made while laying out for the ball and you have a play that is worth getting excited over.

The play reminded me of a play we saw Miles Boykin make in camp a couple of years back – well before he became Notre Dame’s number one receiver last fall.

Notre Dame needs Young to make more plays like this all camp long and then into the season as they look to replace Boykin who is similarly turning heads in training camp for the NFL’s Baltimore Ravens.  If Young, who at #18 in our countdown of Top 25 players on the Notre Dame roster, does; the Notre Dame passing game could be lethal in 2019.

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  1. Great catch and pretty close coverage. What is more important for the receivers though is that they make the easy catches to keep drives going unlike what Claypool did on the first drive against Clemson in the Bowl Game. This is not to put down a player but it is to say that despite great athleticism you have to make the easy plays to keep drives going.

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