Like Most, CBS Crew Giving Notre Dame Little Chance vs. Georgia

Notre Dame is a double-digit underdog their first-ever trip to Athens, Georgia to take on the Bulldogs. No one outside of the most faithful of Notre Dame fans is giving the 7th ranked Irish any chance this weekend.  Count the CBS College Football crew among those saying Notre Dame doesn’t have a chance.  The entire team, including Notre Dame’s own Aaron Talyor, all picked Georgia with some of them suggesting this game won’t even be close.

Hopefully, Kelly is showing his team all of these clips all week as motivation because most people think it’s a forgone conclusion that Georgia blows out the Irish at this point.

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  1. I want us to win bad but we have no RBs, no LBs, and our d-line has underperformed so far. All three are prob the most important factors for playing a team like GA and we are weak at all three. That does not bode well for us. Just telling it like I see it. I hope we can pull off the miracle but I see GA covering 14 pretty easily considering we won’t stop their running game and we will be a one dimensional passing offense.

  2. UGA is way too cocky. However, it has been the way the Irish have lost in big games that has brought this cockiness about. Only one way to change that – play better on the big stage!


  3. There is a reason they play the game, if it went as it appeared on paper, why play at all? But, you never know on any given day any team can beat another regardless of records or rankings. Play the game and lets see what happens. I remember when ND wasn’t supposed to beat Florida in the Sugar Bowl, and “Lou” and behold they won. I know Kelly isn’t Lou, but it is about time Kelly pulled one of these off. By the way, that camera or cameras (I swear there were 2 shadows for those flying cams) are horrible. They really do need to quit that crap immediately.

    1. Zeke, one of the greatest examples of a Notre Dame team that had no business winning down South was Ara’s last team. The linebackers were banged up, the team had been destroyed in the second half by USC. Because of snow, they even had to practice in the ACC. I was at one of those practices inside the ACC. Yet they came together as a team and won a second bowl against the Bear. They wanted to send ARA out with a win. That meant something to them.

      BGC ’77 ’82

  4. Mark me down as one of “most faithful”
    I can’t help but recall what Mark Twain once said “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.”
    I believe our kids have more fight in them than they are being given credit for.

    1. Carl. Stating the obvious. They are capable, fit and well trained. Most of them are experienced. They are motivated, obviously.
      Now they are on the big stage again, like against Michigan last year, and in the Cotton Bowl. Some fools somewhere might think they will lack “fight” for this one (unfortunately, Coach Smart would not likely be one of them).

      BGC ’77 ’82

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