Brady Quinn Previews Notre Dame – Michigan, Thinks Irish Have No Chance at Playoffs

Brady Quinn gives a somewhat sobering preview of tonight’s Notre Dame – Michigan game.  Quinn thinks Notre Dame will win the game, but points out Michigan’s opportunities to make plays against the Irish secondary and admits the Irish have no game-breaker like Penn State used to score on big plays against the Wolverines last week.  Perhaps a playmaker emerges tonight – paging Braden Lenzy with the pending transfer of Michael Young.

What was really interesting from Quinn was hearing him say he didn’t think Notre Dame had a chance to make the playoffs even if they win tonight and run the table to finish 11-1.

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  1. I will not dwell on or can say much about Notredames performance last night that hasn’t already been said. I would like to see Notredame get rid of Kelly and I have 3 coaches in mind that are outstanding coaches at schools who dont get the talent Notredame gets. those coaches are Kyle Wittingham Utah Dave Clawson Wake Forest Matt Campbell Iowa State. Fans on here have to give up this pipe dream Urban Meyer Bob Stoops aren’t ever coming to Notredame Not happening.We are stuck with Kelly for a few more years I’m afraid.What are the solutions? First I would start and play Phil these last 5 games. Next Kelly needs to shake up his offensive coaching staff. Get rid of Long and Reese and go out and hire an elite o coordinator and quarterbacks coach.Give the new o coordinator complete control to design a new offense. Look what these moves did for Pennstate and TCU a couple of years ago. Look what it’s doing for LSU Ohio State this year.

  2. The offensive line and defensive line are very overrated. Jeff Quinn may be a decent recruiter, but he is a poor offensive line coach.

    The offense lack speed. The best offensive players that Notre Dame have are senior and junior high school commits. That is if they choose to sign on the dotted line come December.

  3. Never have I witnessed a team so unprepared coming off a bye week to get riddled so bad by an overall untalented opponent. Yes, BK’s record is better that the Davie and Puddin Pants eras but his claim to fame is and will be he NEVER wins the games that count and matter most. Season is over yet we are still awaiting a pasting in a lowly bowl game. Fortunate it wont be on a bigger stage this year. Book sucks period. Kellys typical post game comment about needing to coach better wont cut it any longer for me. What a friggin joke of a program…

  4. Just an observational comment, Year 10, pretty much same results in a big, meaningful game that ND once again loses, in a big fashion.

    1. If we’re alive 10 years from now, there will still be BK apologists on here employing personal insults instead of looking at facts to justify this coach, this team, this administration, this program.

      BK will leave when he wants, results be damned. He will win a lot of games at ND just none that really matters.

      You can bet ND football teams under BK will come up small in big spots!

      How long have I been saying this? Answer: long before little Davey showed up on this site! Unlike that bitchy little troll, however, I don’t have a Plan B on ND Saturdays. I want them to win. Sadly, under BK, they don’t when the lights are brightest!

      One more thing, BK has to learn how to coach when there’s rain. If memory serves ND is 0-3 in rain games under BK in the last five or six seasons.

    2. Thanks, “Stores”!

      As you know, as a long-timer, I’ve been saying this for years, long before the petulant troll showed up with his sophomoric diatribes.

      Even Frank has gotten on board. Read his latest post and see how many times he plagiarizes me. Perhaps our resident archivist-in-chief, “Burgy,” can document that.

      What have gotten, “Stores,” from the likes of the faux “Duranko” and our little troll but pathological personal insults. But that’s the only recourse of the small-minded and spiritually stunted!

      Unlike our little petulant child, however, I don’t get any satisfaction from being right. I don’t have a Plan B on ND Saturdays. Win or lose, I’m here calling ’em like I see ’em, like it or not. How is it that some don’t comment in-game when things are going good for ND?! How is that so many of the pie-in-the-sky lot don’t risk to let their opinions be known until Sunday morning?!

      I’ve been on here for years, and Lord willing will continue to call out ND football mediocrity for years to come.

      I want to see ND great again. Only faux fans like some here want to keep this status quo. Do I want to see ND sell its soul for wins? NO!

      But between the status quo and selling out there’s a huge middle ground. Let’s not fall pray to the logical fallacy of the excluded middle. Change is a must for growth and development. Things that don’t change stagnate and die. That’s my fear for ND football if things continue like this!


      1. You are on a roll, Rob! You sum up many of my own feelings with your stated observations. ??

  5. Maybe playing your most talented wide receivers would help. Stick to slow, small, walk-ons instead.

    Oh well. Only thing left to do is focus on Navy in Dublin.

  6. George ND should be around 24 or 25. I put this one on the offense early for contributing absolutely nothing in the first half. Game plan was flawed from the start.

    Just hope this doesn’t hurt recruiting

    1. Agree on all points. So conservative on offense. Apparently the only option we have is throwing jump balls to Claypool

    2. The game plan against USC last week was garbage too, both offensively and defensively. Way too much respect for these second-rate opponents

  7. ND had no business being ranked in the top 20, much less the top 10.
    The only question is, which is worse – the offense or the defense.
    OL is non-existent, QB looks clueless, Defense gets owned in every aspect.

  8. Pretty disappointing showing tonight at this point. Offense is awful. The Big House jinx seems to continue for the Irish.

  9. Let’s hope for 11-1 and a New Years bowl game no matter who the opponent.I want to see Long tonight call an aggressive game and Book throw the ball down the field.No dinking and dunking all game long.Also if Notredame did make the playoffs they could hang with those teams for awhile but they dont have an offense prolific enough to score tic for tac with Oklahoma Ohio State Clemson Alabama or Lsu.The defense would be on the field too much and eventually the dam would burst.

  10. Brady is just stating the obvious. At the end of the year, there will be too many undefeated and 11-1 or 12-1 teams ahead of Notre Dame the day AFTER the conference championships…and many of them will have clearly better SOS than the Irish.
    Now nothing is impossible, of course, especially since a lot of the heavy lifting in the Big Ten and SEC is just getting started…but like the Law says…beyond a reasonable doubt is the standard, not beyond a shadow of a doubt. Does Notre Dame have a reasonable chance? No, not without an 8 team playoff. Is there a shadow of a hope for ND? Sure…but what is that?

    BGC ’77 ’82

    1. Teams with “better records” and “better SOS” is a transparent backhanded insult.
      The fact is, there are at least 6 teams out there that would curb stomp ND in a playoff game.

      1. I didn’t include Georgia in my list, simply because of the unexpected closeness of the first meeting.
        But you could have added Florida and Texas.

        Apparently, Ryan doesn’t watch games other than ND. Possibly not even those.

      2. No it’s not, David. It is another call from the wilderness for a badly needed 8 team playoff system.

        BGC ’77 ’82

      3. You said “curb stomp” that, to me means a blowout. Texas?! Didnt they beat the J hawks by 7 last week? This is quite a shit show at halftime so maybe you’re right…

      4. Yes I agree with those other teams David and now we can add Michigan to this list. Any thoughts Ryan?

      5. Nope, I don’t think I need to add anything else. The Irish just shit the bed and, yes, curb stomp is the appropriate moniker…

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