Notre Dame Releases Excellent Hype Video For Season Opener

We are less than 24 hours from a season opener that for a long time felt like it wouldn’t happen, but here we are. Notre Dame is set to square off inside Notre Dame Stadium in their first game as members of the ACC for the 2020 season. With that, we have the official Notre Dame hype video for the week and, as always, it’s really well done and should have anyone who watches it fully hyped for the season opener.

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  1. “Were playing for a conference championship, and a national championship.” The dual purpose motivation is the reason why ND belongs in a conference

    1. It’s not my call, but I hope not. This is about ND football. There are other social:media sites to voice your opinion on those topics.

      1. I agree that this should be only about Notre Dame athletics. The hype video throws out Black Lives Matter multiple times and I’m just against the anti-Christian agenda that organization promotes. These college kids are completely for it and will promote the organization in every which way now.

      2. If it is about Notre Dame football then why is Notre Dame football promoting BLM? (which, in its tenets, is anti-Christian)

      1. Notre Dame took a bold stand in support of evil last weekend.

        Don’t get me wrong, ND doesn’t, and didn’t, intend to support calls for violence, assasination of police officers, widespread destruction of people’s financial lives, the end of the family or capatalism. They just did it anyway. The athletic department and the senior administration support was for what they hope BLM could be, not what it is.

        The atempted murder of the cops in LA within 24 hours was an unfortunate reminder of ND’s self enforced moral blindness– or I hope its blindness. That the best interpetation. I hope it isn’t the senior leadership of the University’s intent to lock arms at the hospital the next time and chant ‘let them die’ – surely that isn’t what they meant when the broadcast the message that this University stands with you. It is just what the University did.

        I don’t blame the students in the video as much as the leadership….students, including my past self, do and say both smart and foolish, brave or morally objectionable things all the time…but you would hope the administration would have some ability to accurately observe events. The evil (there is no virtue in using a softer word) was easily observable before last weekend’s actions in L.A. I invite a dialogue on this from anyone at the University in a position of responsibility. My name and email are acurate on this site registration.

        Three degrees in our immediate family from the University…I am embarassed to have paid for them. My television didn’t stay on for more than 5 minutes last Saturday, and after 60 years as a fan, it won’t turn on again this year. Punishing myself I know, but what other choice do I have? I invite others to join me. (P.S. I didn’t vote for Trump, he is beyond the pale, but I hope the University can hear some strong words from the center, which it appears the University has abandoned)

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