Official Notre Dame-Clemson Hype Video Will Have You Ready To Run Through a Wall

Yesterday we shared a Notre Dame – Clemson hype video put together by a fan that we saw on Twitter. This morning, we’re sharing the Watch ND team’s official hype video for today’s rematch with Clemson, and it might be some of their best work. You probably didn’t need any help getting more hyped up for this one, but just in case you did; this video should have you ready to run through a wall by the time we kick off later today.

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  1. It’s a different Clemson team…having said that I’ve been a Domer for 70 years…..
    If we lose to Clemson we still play Bama for the national championship. I think, we beat Clemson back in November….
    Who knows this year with the plague has made it a bizarre sports season for all sports at all levels.

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