Notre Dame Leans into Run First Identity with Spring Offense Hype Video

Notre Dame Football developed the identity of a run-first, smash mouth team in 2020. It was a divergence from the rest of the college football world where even in the SEC these days, defense is at a minimum and airing the ball out has become the norm. If anyone thought Notre Dame might move back towards the mean in 2021, the hype video Notre Dame released for the offense heading into spring doesn’t suggest that.

Notre Dame seems to be leaning into the run-first, power offense mentality with the clips they’ve strung together and the soundbites from the players. That doesn’t mean Notre Dame won’t throw it more, or more efficiently in 2021, of course, but it does suggest at least that the “run the damn ball” crowd should be pleased with the run/pass ratio again this year.

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  1. Fact: Alabama hasn’t attempted an onside kick in a game in over 5 years.
    Ergo, a gimmick play relegated to the dustbin of history.

    1. Ah…grab a stat, present indisputable college football truism, smirk smugly.

      If you don’t wind up in 3rd down very often, guess what it might to your P/R balance?

      Versus, say….oh, I dunno….you have a QB who can’t throw accurately, or deep…and you end up in 3rd down a LOT.
      Can’t think of any teams like that offhand….

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