Hit & Hustle: Interview with ’23 Notre Dame Commit Drayk Bowen

Notre Dame ace recruiter dives into all of the important topics including his take on tacos vs. burriots.

Greg interviewed Notre Dame commit and ace recruiter Drayk Bowen on Friday over on ISD as part of the Hit & Hustle series. Greg dove deep into a number of different topics with Bowen on his development, recruitment, and more.

  • Bowen’s versatility in baseball and football 
  • Summer schedule 
  • Rise as an athlete 
  • When he realized he could be a Division I athlete in baseball and football 
  • Process of gaining good weight after his sophomore year 
  • The beginning of his recruiting process 
  • Views of Notre Dame as a youngster 
  • How Notre Dame made an impact on him as he grew up an Alabama fan 
  • Impressions of Notre Dame head coach Marcus Freeman 
  • Why he is so active in recruiting other players in the class 
  • What his day is like when someone he has recruited has a commitment 
  • Leadership role in the recruiting class

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