Notre Dame Football Highlights: Irish Hang On for 28-20 Win Over BYU

Notre Dame survives late BYU rally after building 19-point lead in third quarter for first win over ranked opponent for Marcus Freeman.

Notre Dame held on to a 28-20 win over #16 BYU Saturday night after it looked like the Irish were cruising for a blowout in the Shamrock Series. Up 25-6 in the third quarter, the Irish saw the BYU offense wake up with a lot of help from breakdowns by the Notre Dame defense. In the end, though, Notre Dame sealed the deal by running out the clock after a monster 4th down stop by the defense.

  • Audric Estime and Logan Diggs both rushed for over 90 yards.
  • Drew Pyne completed 22 of 28 passes for 262 yards with 3 touchdowns and 1 INT
  • Michael Mayer had a monster night with 11 catches for 118 and 2 TDs
  • Jayden Thomas had his breakout game with 3 catches for 74 yards and a highlight-reel touchdown

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One Comment

  1. I wasn’t much impressed with the stoic look on Freemnan’s face every time the TV camera showed him.
    Never a converstion on the headset, no communciation or feedback to his players, no interactions with his assitants. Just standing there, sometimes looking a bit glazed.

    In fairness, maybe they just chose to pan to him at the wrong moments. But they did pan to him often enough that it seems an unlikely explanation.

    He sure left me with some Tyrone Willingham heebie jeebies. Please, God….

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