Notre Dame Football Highlights: Irish Fall Inches Short in Upset Bid of Ohio State

Notre Dame needed to hold Ohio State for 1 more yard and 3 more seconds on Saturday to pull off an upset and record one of the biggest wins in recent Notre Dame Stadium history. Unfortunately, they could not. Despite coming back from being down 10 in the third quarter to take the lead, Notre Dame fell to Ohio State 14-17.

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  1. ND has recent big-game history of winning opposing QBs their Heisman.
    Last night, they switched the script, and saved a coach his job.
    You could see that weight of the world lift off him in his rant. He beat death.

    And if he can beat Michigan this year, tOSU would likely make the playoff, where they will be sacrificial roadkill…because they really aren’t very good.

    As for ND….I said last week that it was possible for them to lose this game and still be considered a very good, high-performing program. Well, none of those ways was the one they chose.

    The coaching staff blew it. A gameplan that didn’t focus on capitalizing more on the sizeable QB advantage was confounding. Not taking 3 (turned out to be pretty handy to have) was Kelly-esque. And the players didn’t tackle well all night, or make simple plays at critical moments.

    As for the game-determining 10 men on the field…twice…
    Fun story: Before the major expansion NHL in the 70s —when there were far fewer coaching jobs, and much less tolerance for shocking upsets —- a too-many-men-on-the ice penalty in a playoff-critical moment would be seen as incompetence by the head coach. Two in one game…..let alone if it lost the game….got him fired.
    And changing on the fly in hockey is a helluva chaotic thing!
    I digress.

    Anyway, they all collectively gave away what would have been a very important, cathartic win.
    A real shame. Both as in ‘that’s too bad’, and ‘they should all be quite ashamed’.

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