Gator Bowl Hype Video – Lou Holtz: “We’re Notre Dame, And You Ain’t”

Notre Dame enlisted the help of an old friend for their hype video for today’s Gator Bowl against South Carolina – national championship-winning head coach Lou Holtz. Holtz, who also coached South Carolina, narrated the entire hype video and talked about how special it is to play for Notre Dame and how much everyone else wants to play against Notre Dame. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that Notre Dame asked Lou for some help on this one considering his ties to South Carolina as well.

Holtz had a successful run at South Carolina after resigning from Notre Dame following the 1996 season but has also associated himself with the Fighting Irish since his coaching days ended. Notre Dame is 3-1 all-time against South Carolina, but the two programs haven’t faced off since 1984. The Irish look to win their 9th game of the season this afternoon and cap off Marcus Freeman’s first season as head coach of the Fighting Irish on a high note.

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  1. David,

    You have embarrassed the shit out of yourself son. What’s worse, is that in acting like a total jackass, you have completely undermined the very beliefs that you claim to stand for.

    It’s incredibly obvious that you feel that your hero has let you down. Sadly, you aren’t mature enough to handle yourself like a reasonable person, so in very much the same way Donald Trump would, you decided to lash out like a pre-pubescent teenage boy.

    The bottom line is that despite any mistakes Lou has made or will make in the future, he is a good man at heart, and in his lifetime has accomplished much, much more than you ever will. That fact alone should have been reason enough for you to know not to open your mouth at all… Time to grow up son.

  2. “make a completely embarrassing fool of himself in retirement”

    He already did that with his unwavoring support for Tr45on Trump. It’s okay though, old people typically wind up settling into senility. The shoe fits.

    1. Hey it’s a free country right? I would think no less of him if he was a Biden supporter. I might think dementia is affecting our old ball coach lol, but that’s what is great about our country. We have the right to choose!

      1. Obviously David has a few nuts and bolts rolling around loose. Who cares who Lou Holtz endorses for president. He was a GREAT ND football coach and I will always respect him for that. Go troll political some other sites where you can be welcomed with open arms to rail against a guy who hasn’t been president in 2 years.

  3. Too bad Lou didn’t go off into the sunset and enjoy his retirement.
    Instead, he undid his legacy by becoming a staunch supporter of a shit-for-brains fascist who tried to end democracy.

    1. Leave politics out David… this is about ND football. Let’s enjoy something without having to worry for a few minutes of our days about the current political discourse

      1. Who brought Lou Holtz into this? Not me.
        I’m very dissapointed he chose to make a completely embarrassing fool of himself in retirement.

      2. If Dopey cant rip somebody he has nothing else! Bad opinions , stupid predictions & no knowledge of football does”nt help him either

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