Depth Chart Engineering 102 UPDATE

Here’s a follow up to last week’s Depth Chart Engineering 102 post with some updates and more comments.

Projected Offensive Depth Chart

Position Starter Backup
QB Jimmy Clausen Evan Sharpley
RB James Aldridge Travis Thomas
FB Asaph Schwapp Luke Schmidt
WR David Grimes Robby Parris
WR DJ Hord Richard Jackson
TE John Carlson Konrad Reuland
RT Paul Duncan Matt Romine
RG Eric Olsen Matt Romine
C John Sullivan Daniel Wenger
LG Matt Carufel Daniel Wenger
LT Sam Young Michael Turkovich

I’m sticking with Clausen as the starter, but based on recent reports, I think Sharpley will be the backup. Sharpley has the experience in the system and may end up being the opening day starter. I still really like the idea of Demetrius Jones at quarterback, but he will have a lot of ground to make up in the spring and fall camps to move up the depth chart.

james-aldridge.jpgRunning Back
If Aldridge is healthy, I still think he gets the nod over Thomas. If Weis is true to his “best player plays” mantra, I don’t think he can keep Aldridge on the sidelines (again, if he’s healthy). I think the wild card here is Armando Allen. He’s got lightning speed and will find his way on the field in some capacity this year. How much time he sees though, I’m not sure. One thing I think we will see is Weis use multiple back sets and potentially get away from his one back mentality. Notre Dame just has too much talent at this position to not utilize all of them.

Wide Receiver
Well, I guess Greg Little won’t be seeing much playing time for the Irish as I had predicted since he decided not to sign with Notre Dame. Oh well, his loss. Notre Dame still has plenty of talent at this position. Rumors have been floating around that Richard Jackson has been impressive this off-season. He could easily work his way into the rotation at receiver. I still have Grimes and Hord as the starters, but now have Jackson and Robby Parris backing them up. Projecting this position right now is crap shoot though because there’s so little experience returning here. We’ll know much more after the spring.

Tight End
Nothing has changed here. Carlson starts and Reuland starts to emerge. Also look for Mike Ragone to get in the mix.

Right Tackle
Paul Duncan has the most experience at tackle after Sam Young and should anchor the right tackle position. I have Matt Romine as the backup here after penciling him in as a guard last time (more on this later).

Right Guard
I still have Eric Olsen starting here. Olsen has got the toughness Weis wants in his offensive line. I also still have Romine as a backup at guard. Notre Dame’s sheer lack of numbers at the guard position might force Weis to use Romine as a reserve at both positions till next year.

Nothing changes here either. Sullivan starts with Wenger backing him up.

Left Guard
Still have Carufel penciled in as the starter, but have Wenger backing him up. Wenger could be used like Bobby Morton was as a center and guard. With Weis mentioning Chris Stewart could be headed over to the defensive line, Wenger could pull double duty as a backup at guard and center.

Left Tackle
My thinking here is the same. Young starts with Turkovich technically listed as the backup, but Duncan would slide over here if anything happened to Young.

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  1. Irish Realist I’m not sure who your talking about but I would like to know more about Bartley? What I like is that Chris Stewart will be moving over to the Dline. This MAN CHILD not only has the size and strength and SMARTS but he has speed as well. It’ll be great seeing Stewart and possibly Williams unleashing hell on the unsuspecting. I’ve seen film on Williams and I think he is going to be very dangerous up font. Not only is he very strong for a true freshman he also has natural intincts for the Dline and he is FAST. The 3/4D is what they should have played last year which would have helped out Landri and the rest considering the Dline gave up on average 30+lbs per man up front. I really think this (The3/4) is a good thing for ND.

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