Sporting News – Duval Kamara Ready to Breakout

Sporting News’s Matt Hayes published a list of college football players who are ready to breakout this year and Notre Dame wide receiver Duval Kamara was on his list. TSN columnist had this to say of Notre Dame’s sophomore wideout:Duval Kamara - Notre Dame Wide Receiver

WR Duval Kamara, 6-5, 222, So., Notre Dame. Scout’s take: “Saw them twice last year, and he’s the only guy on offense who looked comfortable. He knows how to get off the jam (at the line of scrimmage), knows how to use his hands to separate. He’s got good speed. Once he figures out how to use his big frame to shield himself, he’ll be a terror. No one in college football will be able to match up with him — no one.”

While he probably shouldn’t have admitted that his analysis of Kamara was based on only seeing him play twice, it’s still nice to see Kamara getting some pub this pre-season.

After a very impressive freshman season (considering the offense in general), Kamara could be poised for a pretty big year if the Notre Dame offensive line holds up. I was a little concerned with the number of drops from Kamara in the Blue Gold game, but at this point it really won’t matter unless the o-line improves enough to give Jimmy Clausen enough time to get Kamara the ball.

Kamara has all of the tools to be a bigger, stronger version of Maurice Stovall. It took Stovall till his senior year to fully realize how to utilize his size to the best of his ability, but that was partly due to the inept coaching he received prior to the arrival of Charlie Weis and wide receivers coach Ron Ianello. Hopefully Kamara’s learning curve is not as steep and the New Jersey native starts dominating defensive secondaries this season.

(And yes I am aware I just gave Sporting News crap for the headline about hating Charlie Weis last week)

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  1. bleednd82 u are correct in every possible way especially about the Bowl win.

    ND will surprise everyone by going either 9-3 or 10-2 with a bowl berth and Win

    Duval Kamara will be a huge part of the success like he was last year, also Robby Paris will get alot more playing and if we put Kamara,Parris,Tate, and either Hughes/Allen out on the field at one time we’ll have an amazing offense

  2. Atleast its some positive pub. I believe Duval was a 4-5 star rated player. I think he is expected to improve and have a better year. He does remind me of a faster MO S. preseason rankings gave ND the #40 ranked team in the country. I know most Irish fans like myself are upset with that but seeing how good (cough cough cough) we were last season, its not all that bad. Even Chad Ford wrote a atricle on ESPN that ND will be better than last year and will suprise people.

    7-8 Wins!….I predict. Bowl W.

  3. Frankie, it’s OK on the crap,I did it too, but they deserved it.

    On Kamara, I am hoping too, he has sticky fingers this year. There is no doubt he has the tools to dominate and make game changing plays.

    For a successful outcome this year we need all the tenacity he can deliver, and early!

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