Clausen and Grimes on MSU

Here are some highlights from Jimmy Clausen and David Grimes’ press conference from Wednesday.

David Grimes - Notre Dame WRDavid Grimes

On how his back is feeling:

It’s doing good, actually. I’m making some progress the last few days.

Yeah, I’m feeling a lot better. And if I’m able to go Saturday, I will.

On the team playing with emotion:

I think when I first got here guys were more laid back, you know. Didn’t know what to expect. I guess guys were just getting more comfortable in our environment, letting their personalities show and things like that. Yeah, so that’s what it is. I think it’s just guys getting more comfortable.

On whether or not this weekend’s game is a statement game:

I think every game is a statement game for us. Coming out and we want to show everybody that we’re a viable team around here. So I think every game is a statement game.

On special teams standout Mike Anello:

He’s just one of the guys, you know. We all like to see him go out there and make plays. He’s been doing it in practice, and it’s transferring over to the games. But he’s just one of the guys. You know, we always like to see him succeed.

On the 2006 Michigan State at East Lansing

It was really cold standing on the sideline. No, what I remember was we were down in the first half. You know, we rallied back in the second half, and it was one of the most memorable games, you know, that I’ve been a part of. Had a great ending, you know.

Jimmy Clausen - Notre Dame QBJimmy Clausen

On his touchdown pass to Golden Tate:

Yeah, well those two plays, the two shots that were back to back right there, we were going to come out of the gate and run those two shots right there.

That’s why you saw me point over to the coaches because they were going to call it the first play of the game, and the second play of the game. They were great calls. As you saw, we scored a touchdown.

On wearing the gloves Saturday in the rain:

Yeah, it was. It was spur of the moment. I came out at halftime and it was pouring. I was trying to throw the ball and I really couldn’t. I couldn’t get a good grip on the ball.

So the first series we went out, I worked well with my left hand just for ball security, taking a snap and handoffs and stuff like that. Then there was the throw. I threw it to Golden, and I think he caught it but it was bad.

I threw really high, but he went up and got it. I went to the sideline, and I was like I’m going to try to wear a glove on my right hand to throw. So it helped out ask gave me a lot more grip.

On Golden Tate in the huddle:

In the huddle, he’s quiet just like everyone else. When the quarterback gets in the huddle, everyone’s quiet, waiting for the play. So you can’t really show emotion or your personality in the huddle, unless it’s a timeout or something like that.

On developing chemistry with the receivers during off-season throwing sessions:

Yeah, during the summertime, like I said, last year I wasn’t able to throw or do anything during the summertime because of my elbow surgery. But this year it’s great to just get out there with the guys in the summertime. Hang out, go for an hour and throw the ball.

We threw the ball on Mondays and Wednesdays around 5:30 for about an hour. Just go out and see what the guys are going to do in different situations. You know, just let them know what I’m seeing in this situation and what they’re going to do in this situation.

On playing on the road for the first time:

Yeah, I kind of like it. A bunch of the guys in the locker room are ready to go on the road. We love playing at home in front of our fans and our students and stuff like that.

At the same time, when you go on the road you’ve got people yelling and screaming at you when you’re coming out. I think that gets us fired up. From our own perspective, I kind of like it when people are yelling at me. It gets me fired up and ready for the game.

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  1. “I think every game is a statement game for us. Coming out and we want to show everybody that we’re a viable team around here. So I think every game is a statement game.”


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