Coverage Map Released, Everyone Should Be Fine

ESPN released it’s coverage maps for this weekend’s games and as long as you have ESPN, you should be fine.  Everyone who doesn’t get the Notre Dame game on their local ABC affiliate looks like they will be able to see the game on ESPN.

Here are the two maps so you can see which channel you will get the game on.

ABC Coverage Map – Notre Dame/Michigan State in Yellow

ESPN Coverage Map – Notre Dame/Michigan State in Yellow

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  1. I’m loving not having to go to my local sports bar for this game. Not only is it cheaper but I hate yelling at a TV in public. Go Irish!!!

  2. I like Joe Buck, but I also liked his dad. Tony Roberts was good on West Wood one when they still had him. Criqui, even though he’s a grad, I don’t like him. I do like games when Herbstreet is doing color. I’ve never liked Mussberger, because he always seems to over hype one team. It’s usually the team with the greatest potential for NCAA violations or the one with the most criminals. He also, yells too much.

    I agree Hammond sucks. But I think the NBC contract is a curse. They sound like they really don’t care and are just bored with the whole thing. NBC’s non-gametime coverage is pitiful. ESPN hypes college football everyday. NBC says almost nothing except 5 minutes before and after the game. Amazing ND get’s a bad wrap for that.

  3. I might be in the minority here, but I actually like Musberger. He might love the Big 10 a little too much, but he calls a good game and makes it exciting. Give me him over Tom Hammond ANYDAY.

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