Weis Presser Notes – Michigan Wrapup

Charlie Weis wrapped up the Michigan with his weekly Sunday press conference.  He talked about the 2nd and 10 pass play, the officiating, and the play of Armando Allen.  Here are some highlights.

  • Weis met with defensive coordinator Jon Tenuta to go over some schematic changes that need to be made to get the defense back on track after surrendering 38 points to Michigan on Saturday.
  • Weis was specifically concerned with the two minute defense since Michigan was wable to drive down the field for scores at the ends of both halves – a field in the first and the game winning touchdown in the second.
    Michael Floyd cut his knee falling on the track outside the endzone. He received 15 stitches and would have been available for overtime if the game would have made it to OT.
  • Weis said the officiating “left a lot to be desired” on Saturday. He said he watched the tape a hundred times and can’t find anyone to tell him that Armando Allen step out of bounds on the touchdown that was called back.
  • He also said that he’d be sending a tape to the Big 10 officials with “punches to the face” that were made after plays were over.
  • Weis was pleased with the way the players handled the loss and gave his captains, Jimmy Clausen specifically, credit for showing great leadership in the locker room after the game. He said that he will be relying heavily on his captains to rally the troops this week.
  • The blocking was improved according to Weis. He also credited Armando Allen as one of the main reasons for the running game working well. Weis said that the coaches were riding Kyle Rudolph hard in practice on his run blocking after week 1.
  • The statue of liberty two point conversion play is a play that Notre Dame has been working on for a while as a group of 10 two point conversion plays.
  • On the play of John Ryan, Weis said that they were putting him in for both Kerry Neal and Darius Fleming because they were playing so much nickel coverage.
  • Notre Dame didn’t want to use a lot of audibles in the game because of the crowd noise. That is why Clausen used three time outs after looking at coverages and not liking what he saw. Weis was pleased with his reasoning for using them as well because they were all for good reasons.
  • Weis said the fumble in the third quarter was a case of Jonas Gray trying to do too much. He tried to cut before securing the handoff after seeing Steve Brown coming in untouched.
  • Weis said he is not afraid to run the football on third and tree because of the confidence he has in Armando Allen when in the past he’d never run in that situation.
  • Michigan dropped more men down in the box when Armando Allen left the game on Notre Dame’s final drive. That led to Weis’s decision to pass on 2nd and 10. Weis later said that the play call was going to be a short pass, but it was adjusted based on coverage. If the corner backed off and gave a cushion, it would have been a short pass.
  • On the officiating, Weis said while he wasn’t happy with it, he didn’t want to use it as an excuse and that he wouldn’t be making any formal complaints. He’ll send in the handful of plays that he wanted explanations though.

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  1. Notre Dame has a ton of talent BUT they played very stupid. Not what you expect from a school like Notre Dame.. BTWN AA shushing crowds Golden dancing into the endzone for a late score. Excessive nonsense celebrations after catches, runs, tackles,etc. in ridiculous.. SHOW SOME CLASS ND.

    ND’s offensive Line was an avg.of 70 plus lbs on Michigan.. POUND the ball Charlie with JONAS.. u don’t give up on a college kid B/C he fumbled on play that should of been changed in the first place. I know in this day and age there is a crazy belief when there is 8 in the box you can’t run the ball like we used too. I guess our 300lbers aren’t tough enough.

    And why give the GREAT Tate FOrcier, a true freshmen QB, who couldn’t throw the ball past 10yrds 2 timeouts for the final drive

    Don’t get me started on Defense…

  2. Alright, I’m reviewing the game, and at 7:19 in the first quarter Mathews catches a long ball over Darrin Walls. Okay, but if you slow down the video, you can see that what Mathews did was first cover up Walls’ facemask and then catch the ball, causing Walls to fall prematurely. I guarantee you. If you pair this with all the holds, pass interferences like riding Floyd and Tate out of bounds on catches, and you can only conclude that Michigan’s players were taught to play dirty in a systematic way.

    There are so many instances of trying to get away with interfering it’s not even funny. Mathews was guilty of offensive pass interference. Unfortunately, in this situation (like most of the others) none of it was called except for the blatant hold on Tate. Too bad the refs were so concerned with the linebacker holds and usually on ND.

    1. The penalty for unspoetsmanlike conduct should have been called earlier when the reciever showed the oncoming dfenders the ball after he beat the cornerback and was waltziing into the endzone.

      1. Your corners and saftey’s were “so completely lost and beaten” that our 5 star reciever was trying to save the poor kid from further embarressment by showing him where the ball really was. That’s good sportsmanship fool.
        Not like your guys who throw cheap shot punches at a guy who is down on the ground then runs away like a little girl.
        Even though ND doesn’t offer a Ballroom dancing class like Michigan does so their feeble minded, can’t hack it in a real classroom players, have a class that they can actually pass. But I must agree that our recievers can cut a pretty mean “Waltz” in your endzone anyway.

      2. Making fun of this “MGOBLUE”
        moron is a lot of fun and a great way to pass the time.
        You all should try it.
        Just when you think he can’t say anything more moronic he pops up out of his hole like wack-a-mole. You could back up your car over his balls and he’ll tell you that it didn’t hurt.
        I’m starting to feel a little guilty though, what if he has a mential disability? It would explain a lot.
        Maybe we should just send him a coloring book and some crayons.

  3. Charlie Weis should worry more about why he’s only 7 games over .500 in his 5th year at his internship.

    Is he referring to the play in the 1st quarter where Cissoko gave Floyd a little shove? Come on, that’s a 50/50 penalty.

    It’s petty to whine about officiating in a game ND should win 9 times out of 10 given the talent levels of the two teams. Weis is reason for me to get out of bed in the morning though, so I hope ND keeps this loser on as long as possible.

  4. I am glad someone else saw the punches thrown by Michigan. One was even with an official standing there watching. The guy threw an uppercut at a Notre Dame player trying to get off the pile after the play.

    1. I have watched the game twice and was there in person. There were no pucnches thrown. This is a pretty lame attempt to draw the attention away from the unexplainable passes at the end of the game that should get Jabba the Weis fired.

      1. MGOBLUE…. Is your real name Rich Rodreguiz? It is isn’t it? Has to be. He’s the only douchbag left in free America
        that say’s that he didn’t “see the punch” even though the video proof has been out there for 5 days and has been viewed by a few hundred thousand people.
        You make about as much sence as a bag of Dung.
        Put down the crack pipe and quit huffing spray pain, pull up your pants, and try contributing some positive in society for a change.

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