Shamrock Stickers – Notre Dame vs. Stanford ’13

Davaris Daniels - Shamrock Stickers
DaVaris Daniels (10) carries the ball as Stanford Cardinal cornerback Alex Carter (25) defends in the first quarter at Stanford Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Notre Dame’s frustrating 2013 regular season campaign came to an end on Saturday night with a 27-20 loss at the hands of Stanford. The Irish had opportunities to take down the physical Cardinal but were always kept at bay never stealing full momentum in the game. The lack of a successful run game forced the Irish offense to become one dimensional in the second half which was compounded by the fact they were trailing. The Irish defense put up a solid effort but was too shorthanded to withstand the Stanford rushing attack for four quarters. The following players stood out for the Irish in defeat.

DaVaris Daniels

Irish receiver DaVaris Daniels had a strong game in the season finale. Daniels experienced success on the outside to the tune of five receptions for 79 yards and a touchdown. The Irish receiver also prevented a couple of interceptions by fighting off defensive backs on poor throws from Tommy Rees and was fully engaged in the game which he has been criticised for not being in the past.

TJ Jones

Irish captain TJ Jones had yet another solid game in his final regular season outing for Notre Dame. Jones had a game-high six receptions for 56 yards and a touchdown. Jones was open on many other occasions but Tommy Rees’s passes either fell short or were off target. Jones also had a punt return for eight yards that gave the Irish solid field position.

Dan Fox

Fifth-year senior Dan Fox had a solid game for the Irish. Fox was up to the challenge of the physical Cardinal rushing attack totaling 15 tackles. Fox also had the Irish in the right positions pre-snap on most occasions to combat the Stanford attack. He also had a touchdown saving tackle on Ty Montgomery and was making plays at every level of the defense.

Austin Collinsworth

Safety Austin Collinsworth had his most prolific game as a member of the Irish versus the Cardinal. The Kentucky native had 11 tackles and an interception in the Irish defeat. Collinsworth did a solid job filling holes in the run game which isn’t his strength and responded well to a high amount of playing time without Elijah Shumate or Eilar Hardy available to split time with him.


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  1. Tommy did give us his best, sometimes I think why didn’t we just let him call the plays at the line. Save the money on OC and seconds on the play clock???? Prince we will miss him, wish we could have give Malik and Jarron , Max and others a chance. I will never understand Kelly, his lack of use with Crist, Amir, you have to wonder if the lack of playing chances affect Hood, and others watching ND. I mean after Folston gains 140 yds then is BENCHED the next game com on man… Also wonder why none of the writers ever question BK about this, all he cares about is the guys that do the little things….Great game by Bennet Jackson, where was Fox help Carlos??? Jaylon played great, Hope the game is HAWAII, ( cause I will be there, just made return trip revers)

  2. Austin Collingsworth? Sure, he had an interception on 3rd down. However, that was about as good as a punt. Counterbalance that with him regularly getting beat and not doing a good enough job tackling. It seemed like he spent every pass play chasing down the receiver. He gives you what he has on every play but he doesn’t have enough to give against teams like Stanford.

  3. Looking back at this season, I wish we had started Zaire. We all knew what Rees had, not enough talent to win big games. I think we all kinda expected 8-4, but I know some of you, just like me, was hoping that somehow Rees could pull off the miracle season again like last year when he came in and closed out games, only hoping he could do that the whole game. However, he didn’t and we all knew he wouldn’t.

    Someone said to me recently that we continually put the ball in the hands of the worst athlete on the field. Wow, how true is that statement!? Zaire obviously has a much better upside than Rees, even with less experience. So why didn’t we start him just like we did with Golson last year? Exact same situation almost other than Golson did get one full year with the team. Zaire did get the full spring though.

    Did Kelly think the same way we all thought…hoping Rees could somehow do what he did closing games last year, all season long this year? Maybe…but playing the odds and knowing what you’ve got, I think you had to go with the true freshmen with the bigger upside. It doesn’t matter now obviously, but it’s intriguing to think what the season may have been with Zaire at the helm.

    1. For whatever reason, BK has an unnatural bond with TR. The best thing about all this is TR is done after the bowl game and that bond will break. I think TR will make a good choice if he chooses to do so. I wish him best of luck in his future endeavors.

  4. I’d add two-time captain Zach Martin for his ability to consistently neutralize Stanford’s Murphy,
    one of the best OLBs in college football, and for Zach’s amazing leadership and contribution
    to the OL beyond Stanford – for over 50 consecutive games.

    I’d also include Stephon Tuitt, despite the double-teams throughout the game (and season),
    Tuitt was most actively involved and effective.

    Will enjoy watching both of you on Sundays, soon,
    although I can wait another year, Stephon, if you can, too !

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